Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Class Blog 21.11.14

image001We started our week in a really exciting way. We went to Tesco, Gaywood to look around the bakery. We met Nathan the baker who took us around the bakery and showed us all the machines and equipment they use to make the bread and cakes. Oscar B’s favourite machine was the one that sliced the bread and Mrs Burt’s favourite machine was the doughnut maker!!!

image002We all tried some different bread. Sophia really liked the tiger bread, Louie’s favourite was the cheesy bread and Rinoa’s favourite was the wholemeal bread.

Then we made our own bread called a Windmill bread and Tesco baked it for us so we could take it home to eat. It was yummy!


We also had time to look at the warehouse out the back. We saw where deliveries come in to Tesco and where the food is stored before it goes onto the shop shelves. We also went in one of the large freezers. The temperature in there was -27 degrees. We all screamed and ran/jumped about, it was so cold. Brrrrr!!!!

We had a wonderful morning at Tesco, learning lots of new things. A big thank you to all the staff who made us feel so welcome, particularly Karina who showed us round and sang lots of songs with us.

Back at school we followed a recipe to make playdough that looked like bread dough. We have then been using this in our own bakery role play area. Ellie had lots of fun making her own hedgehog bread after Nathan showed us how to make it when we were at Tesco.

Lilly, Poppy, Misha, Rinoa, Max and Oliver N have been having fun recreating scenes from the Great Fire of London using our role play area.

To finish the week we had a visit from the local fire service. Thank you Mr Oxby (Ralph’s dad YR) for bringing your fire engine and fire fighter friends to talk to us about fire fighting today. We all especially enjoyed being able to squirt the water hose.


We have set the Year One children a challenge this week.

As we have been talking about Samuel Pepys, and the diary he wrote about the Great Fire of London, we have challenged the children to write their own diary about their activities this weekend.

How many of you will rise to this challenge?