Class 1 – Dragonflies 2014-15

Dragonflies Class Blog 26th September 2014

This week we have been very busy in the garden, tidying it up ready for autumn. We learnt how to put on gardening gloves independently and how to handle tools safely. We also enjoyed exploring what was left of the harvest. Layla remembered that we were surprised to find that beans inside green pods were “pink and purple”, whereas those inside brown ones were “purple and black”. Phoebe enjoyed breaking the peapods open as well as being in charge of the wheelbarrow.


Laney, Kitty and Jack found a minibeast home which needed repairing and Laney enjoyed “putting the sticks back in”.


Charlotte and Maisie found a woodlouse in the mud and decided to make a cake and a home for it, singing and speaking to it: “There you go little fella” they told him.


Other activities we remembered from the week included: Thomas reading books himself, especially when the big brown bear lost his teddy; Olivia playing on the seesaw with Lois; and Millie playing with the counting bears.