Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Class blog 19.9.14

This morning we had an exciting special delivery from a zoo! It arrived in a big cardboard box. We were not sure what was inside it but it kept making some very rude noises!


Misha thought it might be a pig inside. Lola thought it could be a meerkat, and lots of children thought it may be a skunk.

We talked about how we were going to look after the animal as Isla-Mae said it would need feeding. We also thought about where it could sleep. Unfortunately, the zookeeper arrived and said that the building work at the zoo was now finished so he had come to take the animal back. So we still don’t know what it was.

We have looked at animal patterns in art this week. Thinking about spots, stripes, zig zags and circles. We have also thought about the colour of some animals and why colour and pattern is important to them.

We have looked at and made posters about lost animals in Literacy and we have been counting teens numbers using towers of ten and seeing how many more we need to add.

With Miss Claxton we have harvested some of our produce from the garden. We picked tomatoes, radishes, marrows, courgettes, onions, runner beans and beetroot. Next week we might eat some of them.