Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2014-15

Bumblebees and Dragonflies want to make a mud kitchen

What is a mud kitchen?

Alfie says: ‘It’s where you can make mud cakes!’ Jack says: ‘We need mud!’

Oliver says: ‘We need some bowls for mixing.’

Rhys says: ‘We need help from Mummys, Daddys, Grandads and friends to help build the kitchen.’

Can you help us? Have a look at the poster we have made to ask for your help.

We have also had lots of fun this week reading the story ‘Who’s in the shed?’ We have retold the story using puppets and have peeped through the holes in a model of the shed to see who we can see. We can all retell the story and can use different voices for the various animals.