Class 1 - Dragonflies 2013-14

Dragonflies Class Blog – 13.06.14

During the second week of our space topic, the Dragonflies have been taking part in some spaceship role-play with Mrs Lemmon. They went on a spaceship adventure and had all sorts of problems and experiences! Kara said her group’s spaceship, “Ran out of gas” and so Srivatsa had to call the space repair man. The Toy Story group met lots of hungry aliens and Lennon decided to order a takeaway for them all – “I’d like 400 KFCs and 405 milkshakes please!” Oscar J told the class proudly “I can count down back for a rocket” and showed us all how he is able to count back from 5.

Many of the dragonflies have enjoyed playing outside in the lovely weather. We have even held our own space races using the space hoppers. George told us how to make the space hoppers go faster – “You have to push off hard, with both of your legs”.

We have also come up with our own questions about things that we would like to know about space. Lola’s question was “How do the planets move?” which we thought about together. Rinoa said, “They spin around in circles”, and Poppy added that “You can’t feel the planets moving because they are so big”. Ethan and Isla-Mae were thinking about where stars come from. Ethan knew that they “Come out at night when they are light in the dark”, and Isla-Mae said she thought the stars were “Still there in the daytime but we just can’t see them”.

The Dragonflies learnt some more about astronauts this week as well. Jayden remembered that in the rocket “The astronauts don’t have a bed because they float”. Ralph added “They tie themselves to the wall inside the rocket when they go to sleep”.

Dragonflies class know the names of some of the planets in our solar system and it has been nice to see lots of the children trying to write and draw them all. Kara and Alice both went on silver for this today as they did some free writing naming the planets. Lola could name Earth, Jupiter and Saturn while Alfie C remembered Venus and Oliver N remembered Mercury.

William and Jayden both moved to silver for their hard work in phonics this week. George, Oliver N, Sophia, Alice, Lola, Oscar J, Lilly, Wesley and Ralph all moved onto silver for their super improvement in reading. Lennon was the ‘Golden Boy’ this week and worked his way to gold for reasons including hard work in literacy and numeracy and playing so nicely with Ellie at dinner time!