Class 3 - Caterpillars 2013-14

Caterpillars Class Blog 6.6.14

What an exciting start to the half term!!!

On Monday we dressed up as people from Medieval Times and we had a medieval banquet for lunch. Activities included looking at and handling weapons Knights would have used, looking at medieval clothing and everyday equipment, making battering rams and trebuchets and taking part in a jousting competition complete with lances and hobby-horses!!

After lunch we also performed our medieval dances that Mrs Woodhouse had been teaching us, for King Edward I and Lady Catherine.

At the end of the day we saw how some of the weapons would have been used as the King shot an arrow from his bow across the field and then fired a musket. Charlie said his mummy heard the bang when she was coming to collect him from school.

Tyler (Crickets Class) and Lily R were also knighted by the King.

On Tuesday we discovered 4 coloured eggs in a nest by the pond. We brought them in and kept them in the classroom.

During the week we investigated where the nest could have come from, who laid the eggs and what we thought was going to be in the eggs. One theory we had was that they were dragon eggs and so we even made some special ‘dragonology’ equipment to help us in our investigation.

Lara made some special vision goggles to help her see both in the light and the dark.

Thomas and Owen made a map and some special vision equipment that could also make dragon sounds.

On Friday, very unexpectedly, our egg hatched and there was a big mess in the classroom!!

We found footprints around the classroom all over the walls so Lily Ash deduced that the creature that hatched must be able to fly. We also found a lot of slime and some strange looking scales inside the classroom. There were also some clues outside where Sam found some scorched pieces of wood and Alfie found some strange pellets that seemed to have bits of food in them!! Eurgh!!

Tom said he found the whole thing ‘fascinating’ and Billy commented it had been ‘an awesome week!’

I wonder what next week will bring?

(Look out for more photos of our Medieval Day in our Gallery)