Class 1 - Dragonflies 2013-14

Dragonflies Class Blog 16th May 2014

This week we have started our Minibeasts topic. The children were very excited to find lots of inflatable minibeasts hanging in the classroom. We decided to make them move in interesting ways. Ask your child how?

We have all been outdoors hunting for minibeasts using pooters, nets and magnifying glasses. We found that lots of interesting minibeasts, such as beetles like to live underneath rocks and logs.   Oliver N thinks this is because “they like dark places”. We had to describe our minibeasts to each other using forest phones. Alice said that her woodlouse “is an oval shape”.

We also wrote about what we had found. Srivatsa wrote about a slug. “The slug tucks in its antennae to protect them”. We all had our favourite minibeasts. Alfie C said “I like the way spiders walk on their web and catch flies in it”.

David, Alice and Isla-Mae decided to build their own house for a ladybird. They used rocks, leaves and twigs and wrote their own label.


We have continued to care for our garden. We dug the last weeds out of the beds and moved them to the compost heap. We have nearly finished planting seeds and young plants and now we need to remember to water them.


With the good weather we decided to get out our new den building kits.


The children were very keen to build the dens themselves and Louie, Ralph and Will enjoyed relaxing in the tent after all their hard work.


In maths we looked closely at ladybirds’ bodies and explored their symmetry using mirrors. We also used ladybirds to double and both Miss Hall and Mrs Hindmarsh were very impressed with how quickly all the children picked up doubling. Lennon, Lilly, Alfie G and George enjoyed using their counting noses to find doubles.

And finally a big well done to all the Dragonflies children who moved onto the silver and gold learning zones this week.

Lola was the first child in the whole school to move to the gold zone for her writing and dance work.

Children who moved to the silver zone included: David for reading almost all words in his new reading book on sight; Oscar J for a super drawing and labelling of a millipede; Oliver Mc for doing lots of his own research at home into minibeasts; Lennon for speedy doubling work; Ralph for choosing to do some extra work for our minibeast display; and Isla-Mae for choosing to do lots of writing and labelling of minibeasts.