Denis the School Dog – Week One

Hi everyone – it’s Denis here. I’ve really missed you all this week. I’m not sure why things have changed but I don’t see many people anymore when I go out.

Some parts of my week have been the same. I still get up at 6am. Miss Davenport lets me out in the garden and gets my breakfast. Then I get ready for school and we drive from Fakenham to Kings Lynn.

At school things have been very different. Only a few children have been coming in. Miss Davenport told me they were the children of front line workers. I don’t know what this means but it sounds important. I’ve decided I’m a “Front line dog”!

I have been allowed to play on the field and have managed to explore all the corners of the school grounds including the hedges. Mrs Burt had to pull me out of one the other day when I was chatting to a dog who lives next door!

I have seen all of the teachers and staff this week but they haven’t all been in together. Miss Davenport has been busy doing “important” jobs to do with money with Mrs Crosby. I don’t really understand what she is talking about when she says “budget” and “financial year” but it doesn’t sound as much fun as “walkies” and “biscuits”!

Miss Davenport says you have all been busy having fun and learning at home. She has shown me some of your pictures and videos on her iPad. It was good to see you and all the work you have done.

I was supposed to have an injection this week but the vet said not to come. I was very pleased as I don’t like needles! I also couldn’t get my hair cut but Isabella’s grandma sent me a very nice message. Hopefully I will be able to have a cut before my hair grows over my eyes!

This weekend we have to stay at home. Miss Davenport’s brother talked to me last night all the way from Italy. I could see him on the screen. He has been at home in his apartment for three weeks. His wife is a doctor and she works in a very busy hospital. I was pleased to see they were both well.

Anyway, I hope you all stay at home and stay well. I will update you next week on my adventures and look forward to seeing all the things you are up to at home.

Love Denis xxx