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Owls Archive 2017/18

A warm welcome to the Owls Class page for 2017/18.

I am very excited about my new class and about all the learning that will be happening this year.

We have 3 new topics we will be covering over the year as well as continuing the good work started in Reception in our Maths, Reading and Writing.

Don’t forget to check our class page each week for our blog updates along with photographs of our good work and all the fun we are having.

Owls Class blog 29.06.18

‘This week we went to the Royal Norfolk Show.’ Caleb W

‘I liked going in the combine harvesters and tractors.’ Samuel
‘I liked watching the dogs trying to round up the ducks.’ George
‘I liked the dog and duck race.’ Emma

‘My group had a go at making a flag. My flag was a football flag.’ Tommy
‘We had some sand and some water. We had a tin and put some sand in it and a little bit of water. We moved the tin around to find some gold.’ Henry
‘I liked watching the pig racing.’ Neidas/Cherri-Rose

‘We painted a piggy bank.’ Jude/Harry
‘I liked spending time with my friends and my mummy at the Royal Norfolk Show.’ Mabel
‘I liked collecting stickers.’ Seth
‘I really loved the horse jumping in the Grand Ring.’ William
‘I liked stroking the ponies from the rescue centre.’ Aimee-May
‘I liked painting the fake nails.’ Jenson

‘I liked watching the parachutes. They were blue, red and white.’ Joe/Caleb C
‘I liked being out of school with my friends.’ Leila

‘I liked watching the ferrets.’ Jessica

‘I liked finding bubbles hidden in the sand that had messages written in them. Samuel and I had a gold star in ours which meant we won a prize.’ Eshal
‘I liked doing some maths at the show. We had a card with turtles on and we had to add them up.’ Ebony
‘We saw a big dinosaur.’ Dexter
‘I liked seeing the dinosaur named Dippy.‘ Wesley

‘We did some writing about the Royal Norfolk Show.’ Elise

Back in school we have also enjoyed telling the time (Sophia) and pond dipping with Mrs Martin (Chloe)

Owls Class Blog 15-06-18

Owls Class Blog 07.06.18

‘We are now learning about Farms.’ William

‘I liked listening to a story yesterday. It was called, ‘Old MacDonald heard a parp!’ It taught us how to make rude noises and was very funny.’ Tommy

‘We have been writing a poem called ‘Recipe for a Pig’ because we read a poem called, ‘Recipe for a Wolf.’ Joe

‘Our idea was ‘the pink blossom on a tree’ for the pig’s coat.’ Eshal/Sophia

‘My favourite part of the poem was ‘Mum’s pink lipstick.’ Elise

‘We had to think about describing a pig’s tail in different ways. It could be like ‘the loop the loop of a roller coaster.’ I described a pigs coat as ‘the prickliness of a coconut shell.’ Samuel

‘We have been working on some adding up and taking away. We have been working out the missing number.’ Elise

‘We have had to put the numbers in the box.’ Wesley

‘We have been filling in number sentences with the add or take away sign.’ Seth

‘We know that if the answer is a higher number than we start with we need an add sign, if the number is smaller then it is take away.’ Cherri-Rose

Year 1 Home Learning – Summer 2

thumbnail of How does your garden grow homework grid Sum2

Owls Class blog 25.05.18

‘We have been writing our own stories. They were ‘defeating the monster’ stories.’ Wesley

‘We had to be a character in the story and use the word ‘I’.’ William

E wrote a fantastic story and was awarded GOLD

‘We made our own models of a mini-beast, using clay.’ Caleb W/Finley   ‘We used pipe cleaners for legs.’ Cherri-Rose

‘We needed to plan our model before we made it with clay. We had to wait a day for it to dry and then we painted it. Today we wrote some words about it, looking to see if it was the same as our plan.’ Aimee-May/Samuel

‘In Maths we have been taking away.’ Dexter

‘We used partitioning to take away.’ Caleb C

‘When it got to the last one we had to add the numbers to find the answer.’ Eshal

‘We have been doing Road Safety Training with Mrs Chaplin.’ Emma

‘We have to look left and then right like a soldier when we want to cross the road. If there are no cars coming then you can cross.’

‘You need to cross the road with a grown up. Wait until the grown up says you can go.’

‘In a car park you need to look at the lights. If the light is flashing on the left the car is going to turn left. If the light is flashing on the right, the car is going to turn right. If there is smoke from the exhaust pipe the car is going to move.’

‘Don’t walk close to a parked car because the door might open onto you.’

‘Don’t stand behind a car, stand on the pavement.’

‘If you stand behind a car the driver can not see you in their mirror.’

‘When walking on the pavement check people’s driveways to make sure they are not coming out in their car.’

‘Don’t cross the road at a junction because it is very busy.’

‘The safest place to cross is at a crossing. ‘

‘Don’t run across a crossing incase you fall over. If you are on the floor a car won’t be able to see you.’

‘If you see red lights on the back of a car that means it has stopped but you still should not be near it.’

‘Cars must not drive on the kerb.’

‘Cars must not park on the zig-zag lines.’

As you can see we all listened very carefully and now know how to be safe near the road.


Owls Class Blog 18.05.18

‘We drew circle shapes to make a caterpillar. We could pick 2 colours out of red, yellow and blue and we mixed them together to make a new colour to paint our caterpillar.’ Wesley

‘In Maths we have been adding by partitioning numbers. This means splitting a number into 10s and 1s (units).’ Jude

‘We have been practising number bonds.’ Dexter

‘In our groups we have had to write a new version of Superworm.’ Elise

‘We used the main story but it had to be told by Superworm and we had to use the word ‘I’ instead of saying Superworm.’ Jenson

‘With Mrs Kidd we have been making a life cycle of a butterfly. It starts with a little tiny egg on a leaf, then it turns into a caterpillar, then the caterpillar eats a few leaves and it makes a chrysalis. Then it turns into a butterfly.’ Sophia

‘We used pasta, real leaves and sticks to make the life cycle.’ Mabel ‘We stuck these on a paper plate.’ Elise

‘Today I brought in my chicks because some have hatched at home this week and I thought it would be nice to bring them in.’ Henry.

Owls Class Blog 11.05.18

‘This week we have been measuring.’ Ebony

‘We used rulers to measure things in the classroom. There are 30cm on a ruler.’ Wesley

‘We used metre sticks to measure the playground. It was 22m wide.’ Harry

‘We also used measuring tapes for measuring trees because a metre stick is not bendy and the tape can go around the tree.’ Finley

‘I worked with Finley to measure the tree.’ Caleb C

‘We were given a piece of paper and we had to make the longest worm we could with it. We went outside and measured them.’ Elise

We have carried on learning the story of Superworm.

‘We could dress up as Superworm and Wizard Lizard. People asked us questions about the story.  We asked Superworm, ‘How did you feel when Wizard Lizard waved his magic flower over you?’ Jenson

‘We wrote some speech bubbles for some of the characters in Superworm. We had to guess what they were saying.’ Samuel

‘We did some writing and had to use inverted commas. These tell us when someone is talking.’ Jude


‘We painted some frogs.’ Caleb W

‘We learnt about how frogs grow’. Jenson

‘This is a life cycle.’ Finley

Owls Class blog 0 4.05.18

‘This week we have been learning all about minibeasts and we went on a minibeast hunt to find out where they live.’ Sophia

‘This is called a habitat.’ Tommy

‘We found a bee and a spider.’ Aimee-May

‘We found out that a lady bird is called a bishy-barnabee if you live in Norfolk.’ William/George

‘We have learnt a new story from a story map. It’s called Superworm.’ Caleb W

The chant we have to say is;

Superworm is super long,

Superworm is super strong

Watch him wriggle, see him squirm

Hip, hip hooray for Superworm!

Emma and Tommy have really enjoyed the book they have been reading in Guided Reading this week. ‘We have been reading a book called Bad, Bad dog! Everyone else thinks the dog kept taking things but it was really the old lady.’

‘She is called Miss Petals. At the end of the story she got arrested and Growly (the dog) lived with Big Alf and it was a happy ending.’

‘We looked at art work by Henri Matisse. He made a picture of a snail.’ Jude

‘In the school garden we have been making signs for some of the plants we are growing.’ Samuel.

Owls Class blog 27.04.18

This week we read some rhymes from Giles Andreae’s book, ‘Mad About Minibeasts.’ We thought about the language used and how it related to the minibeast.

‘We have written a rhyme about minibeasts. We have looked at dragonflies, flies, slugs, snails, spiders and caterpillars.’ Finley

‘We used words that started with the same sound.’ Harry

‘This is called alliteration.’ Wesley

Here are some examples of our rhymes;

‘Ladybird, ladybird,

What do you see?

I see a scary spider scurrying towards me.’

 ‘Ladybird, ladybird,

What do you see?

I see a slow, slimy snail slithering towards me.’


We have also been outside finding our own minibeasts.

‘We made a wormery using soil, sand and stones. We put these into a bottle.’ Dexter

‘We have been watching some of Jess’ minibeast adventures on CBeebies.’ Tommy

‘We looked at living and non-living with Mrs Kidd.’  George

‘A plant and a tree are living but a wheelbarrow and a shed are non-living.’ Samuel

‘We have made a flower and labelled all the different parts.’ Reece

‘We looked at parts of trees aswell.’ Emma

‘In maths we have been adding 10 to a number.’ William

‘We used a long piece of paper and jumped along in 10s’. Jenson