Rabbits 2016-17

Rabbits Blog 23/06/17

The children all visited their new class ready for September on Tuesday this week. They are all super happy with their new class.

“I enjoyed going to year 1 and making an owl mask” said Lexie.   “I like my new teacher Mrs Burt”, said Mabel. “I enjoyed going to hedgehogs and making our own hedgehog” said Hope.

“I loved doing PE today as we did races at the end” said Emma.  “In PE we used cubes every time we finished a race, we had to put a cube in the green basket” said Mabel.

In maths this week we have been learning how to make things go in half.  “If I had paper you cut it in the middle to make half” said Jenson. “We had cubes and shared them with rabbits to see if we had the same” said Emma.

The Rabbits class have also been practising their poem for their class assembly which is coming up soon.

The children have also been listening to inspirational music to help them paint a dinosaur. “the music was loud and I really enjoyed it” said Farrah.

Rabbits Class 12/06/17

Rabbits Blog

Elijah has been our Child Of The Week this week and he has enjoyed bringing in his zombie teddy to show in our assembly.

In maths we have been measuring dinosaur footprints using a tape measure, cubes, beads and a metre stick.  Emma said ‘The T Rex measured 1cm’   Hope said  ‘the Pteradacttyl measured 20cm’

The rabbits class are super excited to start practising their class assembly which will be coming up soon.

All of the children have been engaged into the story maps this week, we have seen and heard some amazing dinosaur stories from some of the children.

Rabbits 8th June 2017

What an inspiring fist week back. We LOVE our new topic- DINOSAURS!
This week we have been learning all sorts of information about dinosaurs, using information books to help us to identify different types.

We had a special box appear on Monday… and inside was an adorable baby dinosaur. We have very carefully looked after him this week.

We have had some new tricky words appear (it must have been the slime monster!) …they are were, have, are, some, come, all, and like. We are practicing as much as we can to try and remember them.

As part of our stunning start we learnt how to be a paleontologist! We dug us some amazing fossils! The specialist talked to us about how fossils happen, and even taught us that dinosaurs were alive 65 MILLION years ago!  We even found out how big a real life pterodactyl is!

Oh yes… and we met a t-rex!!

What a crazy week!

Rabbits Class Blog Friday 26th May 2016

We had an amazing time at our reading cafe! We listened and joined in with the ‘KITCHEN DISCO’ story!
We made apple and cinnamon tarts, refreshing homemade lemonade, and played some fun parachute games!
We have loved our ‘food, glorious, food topic’!

Rabbits Class 12/05/17

We have had a very exciting week learning.

“I enjoyed learning about money in maths” said Luke.

“I enjoyed doing writing on the board, I wrote a sentence” said Elijah.

“I enjoyed putting the ball in the hoop in PE” said Dexter.

“I enjoyed playing lions and zebras in PE” said Charlie-Roy.

“I enjoyed learning new sounds this week, air” said Lexie.

“We have been making lions” said Luke.

“I enjoyed making a story map about goldilocks” said Ozzy.

We all enjoyed making fruit smoothies.

“I enjoyed drinking it the best” said Luke.

“I enjoyed cutting it up the best using the bridge with the knife” said Tommy.

“I liked choosing the fruit” said Hope.

“I liked eating some of the watermelon we had left” said Finlay.

“I enjoyed doing hand writing and going on silver” said Lexie.

We have had a super week and can’t wait for more learning next week

Week beginning Tuesday 2nd May – Rabbits Blog

We’ve learnt new sounds  oi, ar and ou. Finley

Our new topic is Crazy Food. We had the story called “The Tiger Who Came to Tea”. The tiger brought us a picnic and we made our own sandwiches. I was resourceful when I was writing a story map. Samuel

I enjoyed PE. We kicked the ball today. Dexter

We played football with two teams. Hope

I enjoyed doing PE because in Sharks and Seals I got to be the Shark. I had to try to catch the seals. Reece

I liked making a treasure map. I drew a fiery forest. Lexi

I made a super tiger out of paper and drew stripes on him. Charlie Roy

Rabbits Class 31/03/17

We have had a very exciting week celebrating our schools birthday.
“I enjoyed making paper aeroplanes” said Cherri
“I enjoyed going to Park Farm and I even stroked the really dirty Deer” said Lily
“I enjoyed touching the antlers they were really hard” said Jenson
“We all really enjoyed the farm, “seeing the cows” said Reece. “feeding the lambs” said Isaac
“I was really excited about the bus” said Alfie
“We are celebrating the schools birthday its going to be 50” said Lexie
“We have been making lions” said Luke, Ozzy, Charlie-Roy
“Im really excited for Easter” said Emma

We have had a super week and can’t wait for more learning after the half term

Rabbits Class 24/03/17

We have had a brilliant week.

“I liked doing PE” said Cherri

“I liked playing the game hotspot in PE, the teacher shouts hotspot and we have to go to our spot” said Polly

“I enjoyed making mummy day cards” said Lily

“We have learnt about castles and dragons, The dragon and the mouse story that Miss Riddington read to us was fun” said Reece

“I like wearing the red nose” said Luke

“We wear the red nose to give others money” said Tommy

“We are celebrating 2007” said Hope

“We are celebrating the school being 50” said Isaac

“I enjoyed counting, I really enjoyed learning the umbrella dance” said Lily

“I enjoyed watching Roary the Racing car as it came out in 2007” said Samuel

We have had a super week and can’t wait for more learning next week.





Rabbit’s Class Blog Friday 17th March 2017

What a super week of learning! This week we have been designing our own dragon island ready for when Sid needs to move away. We have also ben doing some amazing writing! In maths we have been thinking about sharing. We found out sooo many fantastic facts about doubles (look at our photos!)

This week we also had a special day on Thursday where we enjoyed an AMAZING day learning all about science! We had a scientist visitor, and have been choosing to do our own experiments to find out all about the world too!
The children have had some fantastic conversations about science. They have been carrying out their own experiments and observations too!

Another particularly special day this week was today, as it was our ‘fabulous finish’ for our castles and dragons tonic. We have absolutely LOVED learning about castles and dragons! We have learnt soo much and especially loved looking after Sid and Rosie!
Today, to celebrate our amazing topic, we had a visit from a king and a queen!
They showed us some dragons and let us ask questions all about them!
“What are the holes?” Liliana asked. The holes were the dragon’s ears!
“How long do dragons live for?” Isaac asked. They live for about a thousand years! “Wow dragons live more than us!” Mabel said!
“They shed their skin like snakes!” Aimee-May said.
We did a medieval dance for the king and queen, and celebrated some amazing home learning by awarding GOLD and ‘knighting’ the boys and ‘crowning’ the girls as a princess!

What a fantastic week! We can’t wait for more super learning next week J