Owls 2016-17

A warm welcome to the Owls Class page for 2016/2017.

We are very excited about our new class name and about all the learning that will be happening this year.

We have 6 new topics we will cover over the year as well as continuing the good work started in Reception in our Maths, Reading and Writing.

Don’t forget to check our class page each week for our blog updates along with photographs of our good work and the fun we are having.

Owls Class Blog 30.06.17

On Monday we got a letter from Dippy the Dinosaur from the Dinosaur Park. He said he was looking forward to us visiting him soon and asked us if we wanted to ask any questions.

We have written back to him. (Pixie)

I wrote some questions in my letter to Dippy. (Isobel)

We have been thinking about the period of time when the Dinosaurs were on Earth. This was split into 3 time periods – Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. We used our own books to research what the earth would have been like during these periods of time and which dinosaurs lived in which time period.

Anton from Hedgehogs class brought his tortoises in to show us. This is the closest thing to dinosaurs that we have now.

In Maths we have been naming and looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We made shape dinosaurs.

Today we have been scientists. We had to make a car for a dinosaur. (Jack)
We went to different teachers to do Science Day activities. (Harry C)
Mrs Burt’s activity was Volcanoes. We found out that volcanoes can be either ‘explosive’ (where rocks are shot up into the air) or ‘effusive’ (where the lava slides gently out of the top and down the side of the mountain).
We created our own volcanic eruption in class – luckily it was effusive!

Owls Class Blog 8.06.17

‘We have a new topic called, ‘DINOSAURS’ (Lucy) so we have spent the week thinking about all that we know about dinosaurs already. We have been helping to decorate the classroom and the cloakroom as part of our topic.

‘We could make a dinosaur out of junk modelling. I made a diplodocus and I know that its stomach was the size of a swimming pool.’ Erin

‘We created and coloured our own dinosaurs. I used paint to colour mine.’ Lexi

‘Yesterday I drew my own dinosaur. He has a long neck and a short tail. He has small legs.’ Joshua

‘We made pictures of our own dinosaurs. We wrote sentences about our dinosaurs.’ Alfie

‘I think the Allosaurus was the biggest of the dinosaurs.’ Abigail

‘We have got some new Home Learning tasks. I am looking forward to making a mask.’ Harry C

‘I am looking forward to making a movie with my model dinosaurs.’ Charlie S

‘I want to make up a puppet show with my big T-Rex. He has got big teeth.’ Jayden

‘This morning we were thinking about going on a DINO Hunt. I drew a back pack and all the things that I would like to take. I coloured them in and labelled them.’ Isobel

‘I made a time machine with a TV in it. This helps me travel back 65 million years.’ Jack

‘The fossil lady came today. We were pretending to find the fossils using special brushes.’ Elsie

We got a big surprise this afternoon when 2 dinosaurs arrived in our playground! First of all we met Chewy, a baby T-Rex and then we met Millie an adult T-Rex! Luckily she was very friendly and was happy to pose for photographs with us. What an amazing day we have had!

Owls Class Blog 26.05.17

Today we reflected on all our learning this half term and thought about what type of learners we have been during the ‘Food Glorious Food’ topic.

Elsie felt she had been curious when we visited Tesco as she didn’t know what it was like out the back of the store.

When we tasted rice and bread we were being curious. (Lexi)

We cooked bread for different amounts of time and we were being curious and creative to see what was going to happen to the bread. (Jayden)

Abigail feels she was creative when she learnt new words to the Oliver song, Food Glorious Food. She liked the version from Ice Age 2.

Harry C played superheroes at Lenny’s house. He feels he was collaborative and Lenny feels they were also being creative.

At home Mia was collaborative, creative and resourceful when she was making Tikka Masala as part of her Home Learning.

When we have been reading alien words and real words we have been resilient because we have had to try to work out what they say. (Alfie)

Joshua was creative when he was thinking of ideas for his Beebot map with his group.

When we worked in groups making a Beebot mat we were being collaborative. (Ellie-Mai)

We tried to get Beebot to go over some numbers. This showed us being collaborative as we worked together to think of instructions and resilient if the instructions were not correct. (Harry T)

We have had a busy last week of topic learning and it has involved one or two special events. On Tuesday Mrs Secker came to visit to talk to us about how to clean our teeth properly. She was pleased that we were all still using a child’s tooth brush because our mouths are still quite small and an adult’s tooth brush would mean we missed bits when we were brushing. She also told us that now we are 6 we should be using grown up tooth paste as this will help look after our adult teeth. We all brought our own toothbrush and toothpaste to school and spent 2 minutes cleaning our teeth. Look at our shiny smiles!

On Thursday the Garlic Theatre Company visited us again and performed a puppet show of ‘Little Red Robin Hood.’ We thought it was really good.

Today we had a food related Reading Café. First of all we retold all our visitors the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ that we had been practising, with actions. Then Mrs Burt read a story called ‘The Little Red Hen makes a Pizza,’ and we all got to make our own pizza that we could take home to cook and eat. We also did some pizza printing with different vegetables and played with some stretchy pizza dough. Elsie tried to stretch and swing it around her finger!

We hope you all have a lovely half term break and look forward to seeing you all again in a weeks’ time.

Owls Class Blog 19.05.17

We have been learning to use a number line to add and subtract. (Olivia)

We draw a line in our books and we start with the number at the beginning of our number sentence. We then draw the jumps. (Joshua)

We have been partitioning numbers (Chloe) to add and subtract larger numbers.


We have continued our work with the story of The Little Red Hen. In the story she wants to make some bread so we have been learning all about bread this week.

We have tasted bread from Mexico and Italy and different countries. (Harry C)

We made our own bread rolls. (Isobel)

We put them in the oven for different times to see what would happen. Some of the bread was burnt, some were just right, some were not quite cooked and some we didn’t cook at all. (Alfie)

We read a book called Mr Wolf’s Pancakes (Lexi)

It was like the story of the Little Red Hen. (Lucy)

We have also been thinking about keeping our teeth healthy.

We drew a picture of our face. (Erin)

We have labelled our teeth. (Abigail)

Our front teeth are called incisors (Halle)

We also have pre-molars and molars. (Maisie)

Our pointy teeth are called canines. (Vilte)

Next week we are looking forward to a visit from the Dental Nurse. (Charlie S)

We are going to bring our tooth brush and tooth paste to school so we can see how to brush our teeth properly. (Ellie-Mai)

Owls Class Blog 12.05.17

We have learning the story of the Little Red Hen. We have been practising saying it and have been using actions too. (Lexi)


We wrote a letter from the Little Red Hen to the animals who didn’t help her do the jobs. (Pixie)

I was a bull writing to the Little Red Hen. I asked her if we could still be friends. (Joshua)

My favourite action in the story is making horns for the bull. I like the bull because he is really grumpy. I wrote to the bull and said he could have helped me carry the corn because he is really strong. (Harry C)

We worked in our colour groups to draw a story map for different parts of the story. (Lenny)

In singing assembly we have been practising a new song for our topic called ‘Food Glorious Food’. (Abigail)

It comes from the film ‘Oliver.’ Charlie S


In Good Learners assembly this week Elsie and Lenny stood up for being CREATIVE. They made a 3D South Wootton Infant School. (Erin)

In Maths we have been adding and taking away numbers using a 100 square. (Chloe)






We have learnt some tricks.

We jump down a square when we add 10. (Alfie) When you take away 10 you jump up. (Lucy)

We have been looking at the countries where different food comes from. (Codey)

Owl’s Class Blog 05.05.17

We have read the book Sam’s Sandwich.  (Thomas)

We have made our own books. Mine is called Ellie-Mai’s Sandwich. In my sandwich I had some cucumber, lettuce and tomato but also a wiggly worm! (Ellie-Mai)

Erin showed her own book in assembly because she had been resourceful. There was not a template for the tomato ketchup so she made her own. (Elsie)

We made some real sandwiches with bugs in. I put a spider in mine. Lucy

When we came back from Tesco last week we were given a recipe for Royal Rice Salad in our Goody bag. We decided it would be a nice idea to make a rice salad of our own.

We tasted lots of different rice. My favourite rice was the wild rice. (Alfie)

16 of us liked the Pilau rice the best.

We had to cut all the ingredients up to put in our salad. Harry C

We made a rice salad. I chose white rice. (Isobel)

In class this week we have been working on being RESOURCEFUL and, as Elsie has already mentioned, Erin stood up in our Good Learning assembly for demonstrating this in class.

Codey says he has been resourceful and this week at home (and creative) because he has asked his mummy for an old soap bottle and he is going to use it to plant some sunflower seeds.



Owl’s Class Blog 28.04.17

As part of our new topic we visited Tesco.


‘At Tesco we met a lady called Karina.’ Olivia

‘We held different fish and tasted cheeses.’ Ellie-Mai

‘We went in the chiller and the freezer. It was very cold!’ Lenny

‘We went in the warehouse and saw a computer that had a spy camera outside. The camera helped the man to see when a truck was coming. He pressed a button to open the gate and let the truck in. The truck could back up to the door and be unloaded with all the food for the shop.’ Harry C

‘We had a fruit snack at Tesco.’ Jayden

We have also been thinking about Food Groups and how to eat healthily.

‘We had to pick a card out of the box. Two hoops were on the floor one said healthy and one said unhealthy food. We had to look at our card and put the picture of the food in the right hoop.’ Chloe

‘We then drew pictures on our own Food Pyramid.’ Halle

Codey looked at a bottle of orange juice at home and noticed that 18% of it was sugar.

‘This week we have been trying to be resilient.’ Elsie

Mrs Burt chose Thomas to stand up in our Good Learning assembly because he has been very resilient with his writing this week.

‘Our new student council representatives are Ellie-Mai and Lenny.’ Pixie



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