Otters 2016-17

Otters Class Blog 7.7.17

This week we have enjoyed writing dinosaur riddles.  Zac and Laney said that we had to give clues and allow others to guess what is being described.  In maths we used geoboards on the ipads to make 2D shapes.  Today we then practised drawing different shapes on dotted paper.  We have also been practising how to find fractions of numbers.

We have been learning about Mary Anning.  She became famous for finding a sea monster fossil (Chloe).  Nell said we watched a video and played a game to learn lots of interesting facts.  Laney learnt that Mary called the fossils ‘curiosities’.  Phoebe learnt that Mary was born in 1799 and Cased said that her dog’s name was Tray.  Bafana told us that when her father died she visited the beach by herself.

We have really enjoyed working in our new groups for maths and English.  Isabella especially liked having chance to complete challenges.  She liked painting and Caleb enjoyed the popcorn game and the domino dinosaur.

We are looking forward to the Summer Fair and lots of us want to try out the School Council game throwing balls into dinosaur buckets.

Come and join us!

Otters Blog 30.6.17

In English we have been making a non-fiction book all about dinosaurs (Taylor).  Darcie remembered that we needed to include a contents page, glossary, index, page numbers and headings.

We went on a Bee Bot program using ipads to get the Bee Bot to the flowers.  We all thought that this was really good, if a little tricky.  Charlotte said it got more complicated and harder each time.

In maths we sorted dinosaurs into a Carroll diagram.  Maisie showed her work in assembly.  We have also learnt about different types of teeth and how diet influenced the types of teeth dinosaurs had.  Carnivores had really sharp incisors and canines.  Herbivores had flat molars.  We have also been busy starting to learn songs and poems ready for the summer fayre and the Leavers Service.

On Friday we had a Science Day where we carried out different investigations.  We made erupting volcanoes, made and tested model cars on ramps and tested how well camouflaged string bugs were in the forest area and on the field.

Otters Class Blog 23.6.17

In English we have been writing a book about dinosaurs.  We have done lots of research using ipads, non-fiction books and computers.  Our plans are ready for us to start writing up next week.  Flynn said he liked going on the ipads to find out about the Ankylosaurus!

Today we designed our own pictures of dinosaurs using 2d shapes.  They look very impressive.  We have practised weighing and measuring dinosaur bones.  Robyn found out that the smallest bones were the lightest.

In topic we enjoyed watching a video clip showing a Stegosaurus and an Allosaurus.  We had to then decide which we felt was the most dangerous.  We did differ in our opinions, but all gave good reasons for our decisions.  Lyla felt that the Stegosaurus was most dangerous because it had plates on its back and pushes blood into them to scare away enemies and it had sharp spikes on its tail (Chloe).  Thomas thought that the Allosaurus, as it was a meat eater, was more dangerous.  Arabella said it had really sharp claws and teeth.

We were very excited about our visit to the Junior School.  Caleb liked getting a rocket lolly.  Laney enjoyed making herself into an Egyptian!  Flynn liked seeing his brother Hanley and Nell liked playing with the older children.

Otters Class Blog 16.6.17

Our new topic is Dinosaurs.  We have been learning about non-fiction books and how they give us lots of information, particularly about dinosaurs.  We have found features of non-fictions texts, such as glossary, index and contents pages.  We made non-fiction booklets of our own matching sub-headings and text together.  Today we wrote captions about dinosaurs.  Zac and Laney wrote some super captions.

We have learnt about right angles in maths using a ‘Rightangleosaurus’ to measure these in and around the school.  In ICT we used a website to research dinosaurs called ‘Look, Hear!’

We have learnt about Alberto Giacometti who made sculptures.  We made our own sculptures based on his ideas.  Later we will be attempting these in tinfoil.  We also visited the Junior School and had lots of fun playing PE games with the Year 3 children and teachers.  We were very well behaved.

We received a Gold Award as a whole class for being reflective learners and thinking what makes us special.

Otter Class Blog 26.5.17

We have been planning a Tea Party this week, to have during our Reading Café, which is today! (Charlotte).  At the beginning of the week we brainstormed ideas (Taylor).  These ideas included making doilies, table decorations, biscuits, games and table cloths.  We made flowers to decorate the tables (Chloe).

In groups we worked collaboratively to design and make a game to be played at the party (Zac).  Charlotte, Macy, Laney, Phoebe, Arabella and Isabella shared their food Pictionary game in assembly.  They worked as a team to make the game. 

Also in maths we made a pictogram to show how many coloured smarties were in a box.  Afterwards we were able to eat them (Luke).

Today we are looking forward to our tea party, playing our games and doing a food hunt, and eating our sandwiches and biscuits that we made this morning.

Otters Class 19.5.17

We have been very busy completing maths and reading quizzes.  Our teachers feel very proud of us for working and trying so hard.

We have been learning about different fruits, handling and smelling them.  We drew lots of different rainforest fruits and then tasted them.  The fruits we tried included pomegranate, papaya, passionfruit, mango and pineapple.  We learnt about the journey of bananas.  Luke received gold for showing curiosity about the journey and being eager to learn.


Thomas liked drawing the Yanomami people, showing how they dress for a ceremony.  We enjoyed completing a rainforest quiz, where we had to search for answers around the classroom (Taylor).  In RE we thought about people who are important and special to us.  Phoebe wrote about her sister.  Some of us wrote about siblings, friends, parents and cousins.

This week some of Otters Class have received their Reading Rocket certificate for reading 25 times.  Well done to these children:

Flynn, Maisie, Laney, Ava, Macy, Olivia, Thomas, Robyn, Lyla and Phoebe.





Otters Class Blog – 12.5.17

This week we have focussed on being creative in Otter’s Class.  We have learnt lots about Andy Warhol and Arcimboldo.  We have created our own designs for food pop art and food faces.  Here are some photos.  As you can see, we created some super pictures.

In English we created our own rainforest adventure.  We had to include something to transport us to the rainforest and obstacles in our way.  Laney showed and read her fantastic story in assembly.

For science we learnt about eating a healthy balanced diet.  We chose foods that we would include in a healthy lunchbox.  Come and see them on display!

We have also been working very hard to complete some maths quizzes.  Our teachers are very proud of us for how we have approached them.  Isabella said some were hard but we kept trying to work them out.

We have also enjoyed singing the song Food Glorious Food in singing assembly.

Otters Class Blog 5.5.17

In maths we have been practising our dividing.  We have to make sure that we share between the right number of ‘plates’.

We’ve been learning more about the rainforest.  We went on a treasure hunt to search for objects belonging to the rainforest.  We used these to help us with our descriptive writing.  Today we used Talk for Writing to re-tell an adventure in the jungle.  We used pictures and actions to help us.

In science we carried out a chocolate investigation.  We wanted to see where the best place to store chocolate was.  Maisie tested what would happen when it was kept in her pocket.  Olivia kept some in her hands.  They both melted but when we went outside they hardened again.  We learnt that chocolate can melt by the sun or heat into a liquid and can go hard when it is cooled.

In topic (geogpraphy) we learned which different rainforest lots of familiar foods originally came from and plotted them on a world map.  Robyn was chosen to show in assembly for showing resourcefulness when she magpied (borrowed) ideas from class and other places to improve her writing.

As I walked into the rainforest I heard the rain                                                 pattering down on the leaves like relaxing music.  Then I touched the velvety feathers on the parrot’s back.


Otters Class Blog – 28.4.17

Our focus this week has been on resilience.  This means if we do something wrong, you try again.  Taylor showed resilience in his writing which he shared in assembly, because he didn’t give up and kept trying.

In maths we have been learning how to read a variety of scales.  We have practised using real weighing scales.  We have also been learning how to add 3 numbers easily by knowing our number bonds to 10.  All week we have been reminding ourselves about using commas to write lists.  We have written some super descriptions about the rainforests, Caleb, Zac and Maisie received a silver for their work.  Macy and Millie received silver for thinking of excellent exclamation sentences.

We have been on a visit to Tesco on Thursday.  Bella liked going in the freezer! Darcie enjoyed tasting the different milks.  Flynn enjoyed shopping for items around the store.

We are all very excited about our new incentive to read.  If we read lots we will receive RED TED.  Maisie, Flynn and Thomas have read every day this week, so well done.  In science we have been drawing all different foods we need to eat a healthy and balanced diet.