Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 30th June 2017

We have had such fun this week learning all about dinosaurs.

“I know triceratops, t-rex, stegosaurus, brontosaurus, diplodocus, pterodactyl, and loads more!” Lola told us.

“It’s science day today! We have been doing volcanoes!” Wes said. “We are trying to make volcanoes erupt. We made our own volcanoes with lava too” Henry.

“We got salt and vinegar, food colouring, washing up liquid, and bicarbonate of soda. They had a reaction and they exploded” Aimee-May said.

“We have been making cars and testing them on the ramps. We were seeing if they go further on different materials” Elsie-May said.

“We were exploring and finding the hardest things to find. The posh word is camouflage” Liliana said.

“We have learnt that dinosaurs lay eggs” William told us.

“An egg arrived at school and we looked after it” Ebony said.

“The egg is orange and lots of cardigans are under it to keep it warm” Sophia said.

“I went up in assembly and read my story map. I had 3 diplodocus and 2 pterodactyls!” Lennon told us. He went on GOLD for his amazing story.

In maths we have been making forest number lines using pine cones, leaves, sticks, and conkers. We have also been working in pairs to collect natural objects and share them out. “That’s called half” Ralphie said. We know that halving is two equal groups.

What a brilliant week! Let’s hope for some more sunshine next week!

Fox Cubs’ Class Blog Friday 23rd June 2017

“We have been practising for sports da” Henry said. “I am good at the sack one” Asa said.

“We have been learning about dinosaurs and we have been measuring them” Aimee-May.

“We have been learning how to draw dinosaurs” Wes.

“The dinosaur Arlo who was in the box has gone somewhere!” Lola.

Sophia has made a fantastic dinosaur game which she taught us how to play and played with her friends.

“I bought a big dinosaur in called Headbutt! He is a t-rex” Ralphie.

“We was looking at our new classes in year 1” Elsie-May.

“We are Hedgehogs or Owls” Chloe.

“We had to find out people’s favourite colours in the Owls class” William.

“We went in our new classes. I like it. I liked playing with the dinosaurs” Seth.

Chloe brought in a fantastic dinosaur poetry book.


What a brilliant week! J

Fox Cub 8th June 2017

What an inspiring fist week back. We LOVE our new topic- DINOSAURS!

This week we have been learning all sorts of information about dinosaurs, using information books to help us to identify different types.

We had a special box appear on Monday… and inside was an adorable baby dinosaur. We have very carefully looked after him this week. Elsie-May got him some water to wash his paws, Lola tucked him into a warm towel (as he was a little bit wet), and Liliana organised a special place for the eggs.

We have had some new tricky words appear (it must have been the slime monster!) …they are were, have, are, some, come, all, and like. We are practicing as much as we can to try and remember them.

As part of our stunning start we learnt how to be a paleontologist! “That means you dig up old fossils” Jenson said. The specialist talked to us about how fossils happen, and even taught us that dinosaurs were alive 65 MILLION years ago! “Carnivores eat meat” Chloe said. “Herbivores eat plants and leaves” Elsie-May said. We even found out how big a real life pterodactyl is!

Oh yes… and we met a t-rex!!

What a crazy week!

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 26th May 2016

We had an amazing time at our reading cafe! We listened and joined in with the ‘KITCHEN DISCO’ story!
We made apple and cinnamon tarts, refreshing homemade lemonade, and played some fun parachute games!
We have loved our ‘food, glorious, food topic’!

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 12th May 2017 (Harvey’s Birthday)

“We made our own smoothies. I put strawberries in!” Elsie-May told us.

“You have to hold the red bit of the knife. It is the handle. That bit keeps you safe” Lola said.

“We put strawberries into the blender and spin it around. It crushed up the fruits and went runny” William said.

“The blade chops it up” Harry explained. “It is very sharp. They designed it so nobody can touch it” Jenson said.

“We put our hands with two nippy grips and the pineapple went in the middle” Harvey said. Mrs Lemmon taught us the bridge method to cut safely.

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 5th May 2017

We were very excited on Monday morning. Something mysterious appeared outside!

“We found tiger food outside!” Wes.

“We found The Tiger Who Came To Tea book” Ahmad.

“We found a giant tea pot!” Lola.

“We found ham, jam, bread, and butter to make sandwiches!” Caleb.

“We decided to eat them and have a tea party!” Henry.

“On the grass there was giant tiger footprints!” Emilia.

Our new topic is food, so we have been thinking about lots of healthy foods and designing our own recipes.

“We wrote a recipe for a smoothie!” Ralphie told us. We had to think of our favourite fruits, and how many to put into the smoothie.

“I chose blueberries and put 20 in” Asa decided.

We are SO excited to make the smoothies using our recipes next week!!

“Elsie is child of the week” Harvey said. “She is going up in assembly!” Sophia said.

“Mine and Charlie had birthday” Neidas told us. They both had their birthday on the same day! We did lots of celebrating!

“We did some writing of numbers” Scott said. We have been practising our number formation this week, to make sure it is accurate when we write number sentences.

“We went to Tescos last week!” Jenson reminded us. We had an amazing time. We did rainbow fruit shopping, went in the giant fridge and freezer and even saw where the delivery lorries go too!

What a brilliant week!

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 31st March 2017

We have had a fantastic week! We wrote a talked about our address and had a go at writing it, and put on a stamp ready to post it! “I’ve been posting my letter! I went to the post office in South Wootton and I saw lots of signs” Wes. “We even saw a bike sign. My letter was for my brother and Lennon did one for his brother too” Charlie said.

We also went on a fantastic trip this week!

“We went to the farm park on Tuesday. I liked getting mucky!” William said.

“I like the tortoise because I like stroking them they were gentle” Scott said.

“I liked feeding the goats because you helped me” Ebony was very brave!

“I like stroking the lamb because they were nice and soft. I liked doing the eggs as well because I loved the machine that weighed the eggs” Asa told us.

It has also been a big week of celebrations, and today we celebrated the school’s 50th birthday.

“Me and Amy have been helpful and asking all the grown ups about 2017” Henry said.

We invited in old staff and pupils for a tour, did an Easter egg hunt, and even did a dance for the parents too!

It was Logan’s la day today L

“I have been drawing lots of pictures” Logan told us. He has also been playing hula-hoop with Lola. We have made him some lovely cards and gave him lots of kind words so that he remembers us forever. We will miss him!

Dr Barthonemu-Smithe sent us a video. “Sid and Rosie are going” Harry told us. “They have to go because they are getting bigger!” Caleb added.

“IT’S EASTER!” Harvey said excitedly.

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 24th March 2017

“I’ve been playing power rangers with joe” Wes said.

“I really miss Seth” Scott said. “Seth has a poorly tummy and he is getting better” Emilia told us. He has sent us a message over Tapestry to let us know he is ok. “We can make him a get well card” Jenson added.

We have begun celebrating our school’s 50th Birthday this week! We went on a tour of the school and went back in time through the decades. “They do lots of different stuff in the olden days and they don’t have technology like us” Harvey said.

We have been thinking about the year 2017 (this year!) We have even made up and practised a class dance for 2017 too!! “We’ve been learning about 2017 and Aimee-May and me are going to be the tour guides” Henry told us. Henry wrote himself a script all by himself to help him remember what he wanted to say.

It has also been ‘red nose day’ this week, so we thought about the different children in need. “Charity is when people don’t have any money” Harvey said. We have been raising money for children in need. We watched a video all about Haja, who is very thankful for the money we have raised.

Fox Cub’s Class Blog Friday 17th March 2017

What a super week of learning! This week we have been designing our own dragon island ready for when Sid needs to move away. We have also ben doing some amazing writing! In maths we have been thinking about sharing. We found out sooo many fantastic facts about doubles (look at our photos!)

This week we also had a special day on Thursday where we enjoyed an AMAZING day learning all about science! We had a scientist visitor, and have been choosing to do our own experiments to find out all about the world too!
“Scientists test stuff and they find stuff out like how volcanoes erupt. They use pots to look at stuff” Aimee-May explained.
“They look at things that crack and go fizzy” George said.
“They do chemical reactions. I also know about calcium… It’s quite healthy. Things are translucent and it means they are clear” Harvey explained.
“They check bugs have a safe home” Ebony said. We learnt a posh new word called a ‘habitat’ which is the word we use for an animal’s home.
“People at museums are scientists. They look at rocks and find out about volcanoes erupting” Henry explained.
The children have had some fantastic conversations about science. They have been carrying out their own experiments and observations too!

Another particularly special day this week was today, as it was our ‘fabulous finish’ for our castles and dragons tonic. We have absolutely LOVED learning about castles and dragons! We have learnt soo much and especially loved looking after Sid and Rosie!
Today, to celebrate our amazing topic, we had a visit from a king and a queen!
They showed us some dragons and let us ask questions all about them!
“What are the holes?” Liliana asked. The holes were the dragon’s ears!
“How long do dragons live for?” Isaac asked. They live for about a thousand years! “Wow dragons live more than us!” Mabel said!
“They shed their skin like snakes!” Aimee-May said.
We did a medieval dance for the king and queen, and celebrated some amazing home learning by awarding GOLD and ‘knighting’ the boys and ‘crowning’ the girls as a princess!

What a fantastic week! We can’t wait for more super learning next week J