Class 6 – Butterflies 2015-16

Butterfly Class Blog 19.7.16

image001What a busy end to our last term in Butterflies! We have been very busy practising for our Leavers’ Assembly. Mrs Angell and Mrs Hayes have been able to hold back the tears so far! Our favourite song is ‘This Little Light Of Mine’, we can’t stay still when we sing it.

We had a fantastic leavers’ trip to Hunstanton. We played adventure golf, ate ice-cream , played in the sea, built sandcastles and did a Scavenger Hunt.

Then we all came back to school for even more fun. We played rounders, Frisbee, made fruit kebabs, had a BBQ and then finally watched a movie with popcorn. We are all feeling very sad about the people leaving, but are looking forward to new adventures either at our new school, or with our new classes.

We have enjoyed thinking about all the things we have done this Year and in previous years and we all have happy memories.

Butterfly Class 17.6.16

image001We have had a fantastic week learning all about famous pirates.  We did lots of research using computers and books to find out good and gruesome facts.  We really enjoyed this and we then sketched some wonderful drawings of these pirates.  Come and see our display in the hall.

We have also been learning how germs can spread.  We had great fun with our investigation when we put flour on our hands.  We were amazed where the flour spread to and it made us realise how important it is to wash our hands with soap to stop this spread.

Sports Day is looming and we have been practising activities for this and singing some super sea shanties  and pirate songs, which have some great actions!

20th June 2016 learning objs

Butterfly Class 10.6.16

Picture1We started our fantastic new topic ‘Pirates’, with a visit from a pirate who taught us map skills.  Have you seen our motley pirate crew in the Year 2 corridor? We have painted ourselves as pirates! We  have already learnt some amazing facts and written about a pirate’s chores during a day on board ship.

In science we carried out an investigation to see what effect exercise has on our bodies and found that our hearts beat quicker and we got very hot and sweaty. In RE we talked about whether we think Pirates were good or bad people.  This lead to a lot of very interesting discussion.  What do you think?

In maths we have been practising our estimating skills. We have looked at two 2 digit numbers  and estimated what the answer to the Pirate’s gold coin number problem might be.  We have then used a number line to find out the correct answer and looked to see if our estimate was right.

We have had a very busy first week back and are looking forward to the last few weeks of the school term.

Weekly learning objectives 13.6.16

Pirates homework grid Sum 2

Year 2 topic web Pirates

Butterflies Class 27.5.16

image001We have had a busy final week.  We enjoyed making minibeast habitats from natural things that we found outside.  We tried to think about what features where important.  We then wrote about them and described the habitats using lots of adjectives.

In maths we have been practising how to tell the time.  We have written a timeline of our lovely visit to the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge.  At the gardens we were able to see and learn about what types of flowers and plants grow in different climates.  We did some minibeast hunting and some sketching of the plants and flowers looking closely at the detail.

Have a lovely half term and we hope that the children will all come back refreshed ready for their last half term in the Infant School.

Weekly Learning Objective for the week beginning 6.6.16

Butterfly Class w/e 20.5.16

In English this week we have had lots of fun inventing new minibeasts.  We chose two minibeasts and mixed their names and characteristics together.  Fearne’s was called an Earbee and Jacob had a Spant.  Can you guess which two minibeasts they put together to make their new ones?

We have watched the ‘Bug’s Life’ DVD and thought about the different characters and how they use their strengths in the film.  We then drew our favourite character and thought about what they can teach us about how to make the most of our own skills.

We have been very busy completing our reading quizzes this week so Mrs Hayes and Mrs Buckley say that we need lots of sleep this weekend!!  We have planted our pea plants in the school garden and are looking forward to tasting the crop in the summer.

Learning Objectives 23rd May 2016

Butterflies 13.5.16

In Year Two this week we have been very busy doing reading and maths quizzes.  We have done lots of other activities as well.

In maths we have been looking at temperature and capacity, reading scales in Celsius and milliletres.  We used thermometers in different locations around the school, from very cold in the freezer, to very hot – on our classroom windowsill.  We used different containers to measure capacity and were surprised when the tall, thin container held less that the short, fat container.

In literacy we have been thinking about alphabetical order.  We have been listing as many minibeasts as we could think of in alphabetical order and our investigations discovered some very unusual minibeasts.

For our art lesson this week we made thumb pots out of clay and stuck two thumb pots together to make minibeasts.  We are a very creative year group!

Learning objectives 16th May 2016

Butterfly Class 6.5.16

image001We have enjoyed our 4 day week this week.  We have been doing maths quizzes and our teachers have all said we have worked very hard and done very well.

We have been learning about snails.  We found out lots of information about snails and their habitats and used this information to create our own leaflets.  We have also been looking at snails in art.  We have studied Henri Matisse and have recreated his snail picture using collage.

In science we have been studying habitats, especially an oak tree.  We thought about what animals would live in the different parts of the tree.  In PE we have been practising our throwing skills by trying to throw different things accurately., – balls, foam javelins, bean bags, etc.

Year 2 Learning Objectives 9th May 2016

Year 2 Learning Objectives 2nd May 2016

Butterflies 29.4.16

We have had a very busy week learning lots about mini-beasts and their habitats.  We have learnt how to make our own wormeries and had great fun searching and collecting worms to put in them.  We now have to wait and watch to find out what happens to our wormeries.

We have also learnt about the food animals eat and have drawn our own food chains to show this.  We have continued to read two more stories by Julia Donaldson, ‘Superworm’ and ‘The Snail and the Whale.’  We have written our own riddles about mini-beasts.  Come and see them on our hall board.  In maths we have been practising multiplication and division and have solved some multiplication word problems.