Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2015-16

Bumblebee Blog 29.4.16

This week we focused on storytelling.

“We wrote a story.” Said Amelia.

“Sophia, Lucie and me helped write the story.” Said Ben “We stood up in assembly and shared it with everyone.”

“Me, Joe and Kara-Mae made a story too.” Said Scarlett.

“It was a little pony story.” Added Kara-Mae

“I wrote a story with Scarlett about the three little pigs. We acted it out to the class.” Said Eden H

“I told people a story using the spider puppet and cat came along and the cat chased us and we went to the spiders house then the spider realised it wasn’t his house!” said Thomas

In Maths we looked at making 10.

“I did lots of number sentences. I made 45.” Said Lucie.

“I wrote lots of numbers” said Eden.

“I used numicon to help me write number sentences like 5+3=8” said Finley

Also this week:

“We planted sunflower seeds. They grow really tall!” said Joe.

“I made a ladybird cake and shared it with the class.” Said Charlie.

“I made a caterpillar cake.” Said Eden.

Bumblebee Blog 22nd April 2016

This week we read the story, The Snail and The Whale.

“The whale got stuck on the sand.” Said Kara Mae

“The whale had litter in his tummy.” Said Scarlett

“The snail wrote on our board, ‘Save the Whale’.” Said Scarlett

“We had to save him” said Kara Mae

“We drew posters and stuck them up to help save the whale.” Added Christopher.


In Maths we’ve been looking at 3D shapes

“We’ve been learning names of shapes. There’s a really hard one called a Cylinder and Sphere.” Said Finley

“A triangular prism is really hard to make.” Said Ben

“We made shapes out of the coloured lolly sticks.” Said Mehdi

“I made a shape book” said Finley.


Also this week:

“I made a space book.” Said Mehdi

“I wrote a story” said Christopher

“I made a snail.” Said Isabel

Bumblebee Blog 15.4.16

This week we started a new topic ‘It’s a bugs life.’

“We had a special visitor that brought lots of animals.” Said Harry

“He brought a tiny dragon.” Said Riley

“It was a dragon lizard” replied Mehdi.

“The man brought little insects in for the animals to eat.” Said Ava.

“The lizard felt like a brush when it walked on you and it’s tongue went really long when it caught an insect.” Added Harry.

“The snake was really long. 5 people had to hold it.” Said Charlie.

Also this week:

“I went on a bug hunt and found a ladybird, spider and worm.” Said Christopher.

“We read Superworm and created our own superbug with our heads on different bugs! I was a supermoth!” said Finley.

In Maths we looked at symmetry.

“I created symmetrical butterflies.” Said Kara-Mae

Joe has been busy making bug cakes at home for everyone in the Bumblebee Class. They were delicious!

Bumblebee Blog 24.3.16

This week the Bumblebees invited their parents to join them for their Maths Cafe.

“My mummy came in for the Maths cafe.” Said Amelia
“We did the egg And spoon race outside.” Said Kara-Mae “we made chicken hats too.”
“We counted chicks in nests .” Said Finley.
“We made some chocolate nests!” Said Alyssa
“We put chocolate eggs on top!” Said Esmerelda.
“We’ve been counting how many chicks go into the basket and see what the number is.” Said Amber

This week we also went to the farm.
“I liked the baby lamb. It had just been born.” Said Joe
“I liked feeding the deers!” Said Charlie
“I like the big cows” said Ben.
“I liked collecting and sorting the eggs!” Said Christopher.
“I liked feeding the baby lambs.” Said Finley. “They were so cute!”
“I liked holding the Guinea pig.” Said Amber
“I liked brushing the horse.” Said Eden.

Also this week Finley and Amelia have enjoyed doing number sentences.
“We were in a show, me and Lexi” said Isabel.
“We were playing a game of Madagascar.” Said Harry
“We had to swim back to New York” said Medhi
“It took a long time.” Added Christopher.
“I liked playing in the mud kitchen.” Said Kara-Mae

Bumblebee Blog 11.03.16

This week we read the story “The Turtle and the Island.”

“There was a man that lived underwater.” Said Kara-Mae.

“He lived in a cave underwater.” Said Finley.

“We’ve been making patterns on the Turtle. We painted them.” Said Finley.

“We’ve been writing sentences what we would like on our Island. I want mermaids and palm trees.” Said Amelia.

In Maths, we have been measuring.

“We measured the lighthouse” Said Lucie.

“We’ve been using metre sticks and rulers.” Said Mehdi.

Also this week:

“I did some number sentences.” Said Anton.

“I wrote lots of ‘oi’ words” said Charlie.

“I’ve been playing with the remote control cars.” Said Harry

“I like the torches.” Said Joe and Finley

Bumblebee Blog 4.3.16

This week we read the story ‘The lighthouse keepers lunch’.

“I liked playing in the lighthouse. I was the lighthouse keeper.” Said Harry.

“We dressed up for World Book Day as the characters from the book. I was Mrs Grinling.” Said Amelia.

“I was the cat.” Said Finley.

“I packed a lunch in the picnic basket and sent it to the lighthouse.” Said Ben.

“I wrote what I would pack in my lunch box and put in ice cream and sweets!” said Lucie.

In Maths we’ve been looking at position and direction.

“We did the cha cha slide!” said Charlie.

“We’ve been playing with Beebots. It goes forwards, backwards, left and right.” Said Charlie.

“Miss Brice was a sandwich bot and we told her how to make a sandwich.” Said Lucie.

On Tuesday it was very wet so we went outside and built a wooden bridge over a large puddle.

We have also been making Mothers day cards for our Mummy’s.

Bumblebee Class Blog 26.2.16

This week we had a stunning start to our topic where we visited different Islands. We took our passports and visited Madagascar, Sicily and New Zealand.

“In Sicily we made pizza’s!” said Christopher.

“A volcano exploded in Sicily.” Said Harry.

“It erupted” said Christopher.

“We made vanilla milkshakes in Madagascar because they grow vanilla.” Said Alyssa.

Also this week:

“I created my own Island called Shooting Starland. I also made an Island outside. I jumped in the lava.” Said Kara-Mae.

“I made a flag for my Island called Sidneyland.” Said Sidney.

“I drew animals from Madagascar.” Said Harry.

“I want to know if they have trains in Madagascar.” Said Ben M.

“In golden time I made puppets.” Said Sophia.

“In Maths we made Pictograms.” Said Christopher

“We did a pictogram of our favourite fruit and we did one of our favourite animals in Madagascar.” Said Medhi.

“I liked writing in my busy book. I drew my family.” Said Scarlett.

“I wrote a story. It was 3 pages long!” said Isaac.

Bumblebee Class Blog 29th January 2016

This week the Bumblebee Class have looked at the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’. We decorated pants, we washed pants, we designed pants and went pants mad!

In Maths, we created aliens using different shapes.

In PE, we continued our Space dance!

Also this week the children have chosen to:

“We created a band and performed on stage.” said Amelia.

“I enjoyed writing a story about a castle and naughty knights.” said Ben C

“I wrote a story about going to the park with my sister.” said Anton.

“I was blown in the wind. It was fun” said Harry.

“I created an alien using circles and Triangles.” said Amber

“I got on gold for writing 6 super sentences!” said Lucie

“I got on gold for writing a story.” said Charlie H

Bumblebee Blog Week ending 22nd January 2016

This week we read the story, How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers. The children created a galaxy in a jar and thought of a wish as we made them.

In maths, the children have been looking at 2D shapes.

This week the children have also enjoyed:

“I made a shooting star.” said Lucie

“I’ve been drawing rockets” said Harry

“I built a sandcastle and Isabel helped me make it.” said Thomas

“I played Policemen” said Charlie

“I’ve been practising writing ‘th'” said Joe

“I made a wish jar and i helped Lexi make hers.” said Eden

“i played with the ice. It was freezing! I put it in a wheel barrow.” said Harry