Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2015-16

Bumblebee Blog 8th July 2016

“I wrote a Pirate story.” Said Harry.
“I did a Pirate story and created a front cover for it too!” said Isaac.
“Lucie and I created a big treasure map with more than one X. We did a key so you know what everything is.” Said Mehdi.
“On Tuesday, we had a Pirate show.” Said Ben.
“It was a Pirate Maths show!” added Finley.
“It was soooo funny, because the pirate man kept hiding!” said Harry.
“They were singing and dancing.” Said Isaac.
“They were selling crisps.” Said Mehdi.
“They were adding and taking away.” Said Isaac.
“They were counting them.” Said Riley.
“I liked playing games in PE.” Said Charlie O.
“We were playing in the water tray and we trying to get two fish to go down the gutter into two different ponds.” said Kara-Mae.
“I liked playing in the builders yard, building the tower of glory.” Said Amber.
“I made cement to stick the bricks together.” Said Anton.

Bumblebees’ Class Blog Week ending 3/7/16

We have had a fantastic week of learning. We had a brilliant sports day, and loved being in our European teams. We also had a fantastic move up day where we loved being a year 1 for the day and are very excited that Mrs Angell and Miss Brice are  our new teachers.

Lucie and Eden D loves writing a pirate story.

Mehdi and his friends loved designing pirate ships, they even explored materials that float!

Anton has made a fantastic pirate board game that we have all enjoyed playing.

Amelia Loved singing and putting on shows outside, she even made a fantastic stage to perform on!

What a brilliant week! We can’t wait for another week of pirate fun!

Bumblebee Blog 24.6.16

This week we have been busy pirates!

“I wrote a pirate story.” said Issac
“I wrote a wanted poster for a pirate.” said Scarlett
“I made a parrot” said Alyssa
“I created a pirate ship that floats!” said Mehdi
“I made potions” said Finley
“I did number sentences with big numbers like 2000+8000=10000” said Lucie
“I’ve been making a treasure chest and flag with nanny and grandad.” said Kara.
“We were pretending to be animals. I was a baby lion and Riley was a cheetah!” said Harry.

Bumblebee Blog 17/6/16

“This week we used storytelling stones to write stories!” said Amelia.

“I wrote a pirate story.” Said Amber.

“I wrote a story with Alyssa.” Said Lucie.

In maths, we have been learning about subtraction.

“We’ve been learning to take numbers away and see what number it makes.” Said Mehdi.

“We played bowling!” said Isaac.

“We released the butterflies!” said Amber.

“I have enjoyed playing in the small world area with the animals.” Said Harry.

“I made a puppet.” Said Finley.

“I made a puppet called Danteedeeem.” Said Charlie H

“I liked doing PE. I liked dropping the ball, clapping and catching!” said Isaac.

“Me, Anton and Riley played Ninja Turtles.” Said Joe

“Me and Ava have been playing Superheroes outside.” Said Charlie

Bumblebee Blog 10.06.16

This week we started our new topic, Pirates! We had a stunning start, and we all came dressed as pirates in search for treasure!

“We read a pirate book. It was scary!” said Amelia
“I liked the pirate song.” said Esme
“I built a pirate ship using blocks.” said Anton
“I helped build the roleplay ship.” said Scarlett
“I helped paint it.” said Kara-Mae

“In Maths, we’ve been learning about directions.” said Amelia

“Also, two butterflies hatched on Wednesday!” Amelia added.

Bumblebee Blog 27.05.16

This is the last week of our bug topic. We looked back at what we have enjoyed the most.

“I enjoyed making a ladybird cake at home.” Said Charlie O.

“I liked making a butterfly cake at home.” Said Thomas.

“I enjoyed eating them!” said Finley.

“I enjoyed holding the snake.” Said Esme.

“I liked stroking the lizard.” Said Amber

“I enjoyed going on a bug hunt.” Said Charlie H.

“I liked making a house for bugs.” Said Harry.


Today we had a bug ball! We all dressed up in bug costumes and played lots of fun games!

“I’m a moth.” Said Finley.

“I’m a butterfly.” Said Lucie.

“I liked playing the parachute game.” Said Harry.

“I liked singing the songs.” Said Scarlett.

Bumblebee Blog 20.5.16

This week we read the story, Jack and the Beanstalk.

“We acted it out. All of us was Jack.” Said Finely.

“Mrs Newman was the Giant!” added Esme.

“I made a long story about. I wrote 4 pages!” said Medhi.

“Outside I sorted some magic beans.” Said Harry.

In Maths, we have been looking at number bonds to 10.

“We’ve been making things add up to 10.” Said Harry.

“I did some number sentences.” Said Eden

“We used cubes and numicon to make 10. I made 20 too.” Said Lucie.

Also this week,

“I writed lots of phoneme frames.” Said Isaac.

“I made a superhero’s suit.” Said Finley

“We went on a bug hunt.” Said Lucie

“We found a slug, snail and woodlouse.” Added Charlie.

“I wrote a story.” Said Thomas.

“I drew Saturn and wrote facts about it.” Said Christopher.

“I played a lava game. You can’t stand on the lava!” said Harry.

Bumblebee blog 13.5.16

We had a reading café this week, on the book ‘Mad about Minibeasts’.

“I enjoyed playing parachute games with minibeasts.” Said Sidney.

“I made a ladybird hat.” Said Riley.

“I went searching for minibeasts in the forest area.” Said Amelia

“I made a butterfly.” Said Eden.

In Maths, we looked at money.

“We sorted money” said Lucie

“We learnt about 50 p in Maths” said Harry

Also this week:

“A spider web appeared outside!” said Finley.

“I made a book about spiders.” Said Riley

“I wrote a story about a wolf.” Said Lucie.

“I wrote a story about a wolf too.” Said Isaac.

“I wrote a story about a fairy.” Said Eden.

Bumblebee Blog 6.5.16

This week we read the story, The Bad Tempered Ladybird.

“The bad tempered ladybird wanted to fight the good tempered ladybird but he said you’re not big enough for me, so he flew to different animals.” Said Mehdi.

“I liked the story.” Said Esme

“We did some writing on how we get mad.” Said Finley.

In Maths we have been looking at time. The children have really enjoyed learning about time.

“We’ve been telling the time.” Said Lucie.

“I’m looking at the time now. It’s 1 o’clock!” said Kara-Mae

“We have lunch at 12 o’clock.” Said Albie.

“I wrote number sentences to 100.” Said Alyssa.

“Alyssa helped me write big number sentences.” Said Finley

“We played with my minibeast puppets from home.” Said Ben M

“I made a minibeast hotel.” Said Esme.

“I looked for minibeasts at home. I found a fly, spider and slug!” said Charlie H.

“I made a minibeast home in my garden.” Said Harry.

Lots of children have enjoyed playing in the construction area this week especially with mobilo .

“I made a helicopter.” Said Christopher.

“I made a truck with Sidney.” Said Esme.

“I made an aeroplane.” Said Mehdi.

“We made a house out of duplo.” Said Isabel