Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies Class blog Week ending 8/7/16

We have had so much fun this week, especially in showing the nursery children around our classroom! It has been another super fun busy week, and we loved our pirate show surprise too! This week we have been working together to make our classroom even better, which has meant that we decided to turn our sand area into a builders yard!

“I wore my hat and was the boss” Harry C explained. “Yes, and the shiny bit there reflects” Charlie C continued, showing the reflective part of the jacket.

Rubilyn spent all morning working with Thomas to create a den from the waffle blocks. They talked about their ideas together and when others wanted to join in they were able to adapt and change their design too!

“I wrote a pirate story” Vilte told us. Vilte read her story to the class. We loved the bit with the slimy octopus!

“I made up a game where you shoot the ball at the target” Lenny told us. He wrote down the rules to help others learn how to play too.

Olivia and Chloe loved writing their pirate stories. They had some fantastic ideas, and even had treasure in their stories too!

It has been another fantastic week and we are really making the most of our last few weeks learning about pirates.

Dragonflies’ Class Blog Week ending 3/7/16

We have had a fantastic week of learning. We had a brilliant sports day, and loved being in our European teams. We also had a fantastic move up day where we loved being a year 1 for the day and are very excited that Mrs Burt is our new teacher.

“Me and Chloe made a story with props to act out princesses” Olivia told us.

Elsie made a super pirate board game which we have all enjoyed playing. It was made of wood, card, and shiny things.

It is so fun to have Abigail back, and she has of course been doing lots of dancing with her friends.

Halle “I have been doing pirate stories and pirate take aways!”

Albie has been challenging himself even further in maths, and now knows about 100s and 1000s too!

What a brilliant week! We can’t wait for another week of pirate fun!

Dragonflies’ Class Blog Week ending 24/06/16

It has been a superb week of pirate learning!

“I made a pirate ship from the wooden blocks” Harry C.

Albie made a maths den where he could practise his number work.

Ruby has been teaching us ballet dance moves and tap dance moves!

Lucy has been dancing too!

Vilte loves reading. She has read so many books she can’t remember how many altogether!

Harry T has been playing hide and seek with Charlie S, Ruby, Elsie and Lucy.

Joshua has been challenging himself to do take away sums!

Ellie-Mai has been reading books. “My favourite is the strong wiggly worm book” (Superworm!).

Chloe made some potions. “I made a princess potion and Olivia helped me” She said. “It had flowers, eggs, sugar, and double butter! I put princess crowns in it too!”

“I made a message in a bottle with a treasure map inside” Olivia said.

Jack and Jayden dressed up and played in the pirate ship.

“Me and Pixie and Isobel have been practising doing cartwheels!” Lexi told us.

Isobel also made some superb binoculars using string, toilet rolls, and scelotape. She was very pleased with her design.

Codey is finally back with us at school again! We are so excited to have him back. “I was the ring bearer. I had to open the rings and they put the rings on eachother”.

We have has a super time this week and still really love learning all about pirates. “Next week I would like to make pirate hats for my teddies!” Lenny suggested. We can’t wait to have another super fun week next week.

Dragonflies’ Class Blog Week ending 17/06/92

We have had another super week learning within our Pirates topic!

“I wrote a pirate story” Lexi told us, proudly.

“I played a pirate game with Alfie, Robert, and Charlie C. Me and Albie were the baddies and we shot the cannon at Alfie as he was trapped!” Joshua said.

“I have been looking at maps in the atlas to find places” Albie said.

“I wrote a story with a shark baddie and a pirate goodie” Charlie S told us.

“I played bowling with Vilte and Abigail. I won because I got 27 points” Ellie-Mai said excitedly.

“I got silver and Robert and Jayden for doing adding and challenging ourselves” Charlie C said proudly.

“I got gold for my story I wrote” Jack said.

“I have been making a treasure box and treasure map” Olivia said.

What a superb week of learning, and to top it all off, we were able to release our beautiful butterflies into the garden. It has been lovely seeing them grow from caterpillar, to cocoon, to butterfly.


Dragonflies’ class blog Week ending 10th June 2016

We absolutely LOVE our new pirates topic. We had a fantastic day for our ‘stunning start’ dressing up as pirates and having a visit from a pirate man too. He told us all about maps, symbols, and directions.

“On the last day we had a bug ball to celebrate the old topic” Elsie said.

“We have been playing a superhero game all together” Alfie told us.

“We dressed up as a pirate. We had a fun day” Lucy said.

“I have been looking for caterpillars. It turned into a butterfly!” Harry C said.

“I have been looking for spiders” Robert told us.

Albie challenges himself to make 110 using numicon! He added lots and lots of numbers together and even wrote the number sentence to match! WOW!

“Me, Lenny, Halle, and Joshua made a pirate game. We made a boat and then me and Lenny went to get some food for the pirate ship. We went off and got some drinks. Halle ate tomato sauce!” Isobel.

Lots of children helped to create our amazing pirate ship. Charlie C chose to make a giant canon for our new pirate ship role play area.

“We made a pirate shop in the play house” Ruby said. “They sell pirate pizza!”

We have been walking the plank in the forest area. Some of us got gobbled up by sharks!

“I wrote a pirate story” Lucy told us. “Me too!” Said Olivia. Charlie C and Jack both challenged themselves to write about pirates too.

Vilte is new to the Dragonflies this week and has had a super week. “I have been looking at an atlas” she told us. Vilte has also been teaching us how to speak Lithuanian and showing us her fantastic danced moves!

Pixie chose to read a pirate information book. “I’m going to write pirate facts” she said.

What an amazing first week back! We love the new topic and can’t wait to learn all about pirates!

Dragonfly class Blog – 27th May 2016

What a lovely final week we have had working hard until the end.

“I have been looking at ways of making 10 and 20,” said Albie.

“We went on gold for writing a super Jack and the Beanstalk story,”  said Alfie and Albie.

“I have built a minibeast house at home,” said Elsie

We finished our topic by having a bug dress up day. We played parachute games.

We have loved learning about minibeasts.

Dragonflies’ Class Blog Week ending 20th May 2016

You’ll never guess what appeared in our outdoor area this week…..

A cocoon!

We think a caterpillar had made it. The Hungry Caterpillar. We decided to write to the hungry caterpillar and let him know some healthy food choices to make- rather than scoffing all of the cakes and lollipops that he does!

We also have real caterpillars of our very own. We love watching them grow by looking closely using magnifying glasses. We even keep a diary of them too. “They have already got bigger as they have been eating” Thomas told us.

“I had the bestest week ever and I went on gold!” Olivia said excitedly. “…and I went on double silver!” Pixie told us.

We have had an amazing week. We have been writing stories and challenging ourselves so much to beat the record!

“I have been acting and listening to music” Harry C told us. “We had swords and shields and had Pirates of the Caribbean music on.”

Albie has been really challenging himself this week. He has been finding lots of ways to make ten, and can even remember them in his head too! “I wrote numbers to 100 all by myself” he also told us! Isobel is expert at numbers too!

Codey has been playing policeman and robbers. “It was a really good game because we all took it in turns so we all got a go” he explained. Miss Riddington was so proud of our fantastic turn-taking.

Ellie-Mai, Charlie C, Joshua, and Robert opened their own pizza shop this week. The pizzas are only £1 and Miss Riddington would highly recommend the cheese and tomato flavour. “We don’t do delivery yet” Joshua told us.

“I wrote the story of Jack and the Beanstalk!” Jayden told us. He is so proud of his story- and Miss Riddington is super proud too.

What a fantastic week of learning- SO many silvers, golds, and challenge stickers too! Amazing.

Dragonflies’ Class Blog Week ending 13/5/16

A huge spider web appeared in our outdoor area on Monday. Lots of children chose to create spider information books and stories.

Albie created a superb spider information book, including a contents page and some fantastic sentences. “I went on gold” he told us proudly.

Elsie chose write a fantastic story which she read to us.

“I have been drawing lots of minibeasts” Olivia told us excitedly. Olivia knows lots and lots of minibeasts!

“I made a spider and painted it black and got pipe cleaners for it’s legs” Harry T said.”Spiders have eight legs”.”We chose paint or pen to do the black” Harry C added.

Charlie C has been looking closely at an atlas this week. He used the key to retrieve information and compare places. “Brazil has lots of rain forests” he told us. “Egypt and Africa both have deserts”. He explained Charlie loves atlases and has become an expert because he has an atlas and a giant map at home too!

Codey some super writing and told us some fantastic information about centipedes and millipedes. “They are my favourite” he said.

We have had amazing fun again this week and have learnt so much. Cant wait for another week of excellent fun!

Dragonflies’ Class Blog Week ending Friday 6th May 2016

We have had a super week. It has been a super sunny week. Lots os us have been choosing to play outdoors.

“I have been doing a snail with Lexi” Pixie told us. They spent a long time making it very intricate.

“I have been playing with Robert and Charlie. We had a good time” Albie said.

“I played outside with Jayden and Rhyley” Jack told us.

“I like snakes and bearded dragons and manta-rays and that’s it” Codey said.

This week, we have been looking even closer at minibeasts and have got really good at knowing their names. Harry T found an earwig. “I know if it’s a boy or girl because you have to look and see if the pincers are curved or straight” he said.

Rubilyn and Harry C played a ‘guess the bug’ game. They loved asking questions and finding out what bug was hidden in the box!

We have been thinking about telling the time this week. Miss Riddington has been very impressed with how super we are at it. Some of us can even tell the time to o’clock and half past! Olivia and Chloe loved exploring the clocks.

We have had an amazing week and can’t wait for some super learning and exciting fun next week too!