Class 6 – Butterflies 2014-15

Butterfly Class 10.7.15

We have had a busy week this week with lots of work about our Sea topic. We have finished off our Brian Lewis canvasses which look wonderful. We have also had fun writing our own seaside limericks with some very funny results.

On Wednesday we visited the Junior School for an afternoon of sports activities. We have been practising our songs and poems all week for the Summer Fayre. Today we read ‘The Selkie’ by Gillian McClure, the author who visited us last week. We then wrote our own seaside adventure.

Butterfly Class 3.7.15


On Monday we had lots of visitors. We had a doctor, nurse, midwife, police officer and a surgeon.

On Tuesday we visited the Junior School for the whole day. Jilly thought it was lovely that she could choose what she wanted for lunch. Ellis enjoyed playing football with his brothers and friends.

On Wednesday we went to the Royal Norfolk Show. We looked at lots of different activities and saw lots of cows. Alfie collected an enormous amount of stickers!

Yesterday an author, Gillian McClure and an artist, Brian Lewis, came to visit. Brian Lewis showed us his pictures with seals in. Today we are enjoying sports day.

Butterfly Class 26.6.15

This week we have read the story of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage. Today we wrote the story from the seagulls’ point of view. In maths we made a shopping list for Mr Grinling because he likes to eat lots of food!! We used water colours to paint a scene from our story. We have also made lighthouses and uses batteries and crocodile clips to make the bulb light up.

We are looking forward to going to the Junior School next week for our visit and our trip to the Royal Norfolk Show.

Year 2 Home Learning – ‘The Sea’

Butterfly Class 19.6.15

In English this week we have been writing information leaflets for a Victorian Seaside Museum using the facts that we have learnt. On Thursday afternoon we started to make sea creatures such as puffer fish, clown fish, seahorses and angel fish.

In science we have been investigating how to make a bulb light up using wires, crocodile clips, batteries and a bulb. In maths we have been practising multiplication using arrays and repeated addition. We read a mathematical story called ‘One is a Snail and Ten is a Crab’.

We have also had some visitors this week on Wednesday two Year 3 children came to talk about what life is like in Year 3 at the Junior School. A lady from Norfolk Children’s Book Centre came on Thursday and she read us some stories and we were then able to buy some books.

Ellis, Libby, Pemberley, Leon and Thomas represented SWIS at a Tri Gold tournament at KES. They, along with the team from Ladybirds Class won, and now have to travel to Norwich to compete representing West Norfolk. Well Done

Butterfly Class 5.6.15

We have begun learning about our new topic. Our ‘WOW’ start to the topic included a hunt for letters and then we had to work out the words they spelt. We soon found out that it was ‘The Sea’. Also we have been busy doing some very special writing about a magical pebble.   On Thursday we read a book called ‘Chicken Clicken’. We learnt how to keep safe when using the internet and designed an ‘esafety’ poster. We have also studied the local artist Brian Lewis and are recreating one of his paintings for our corridor display. His paintings are fun because he has people on island beaches and seals in the boats. On Wednesday the Year 3 teachers from the Junior School visited and read us a story.

Year 2 ‘The Sea’ Topic Web

Butterfly Class 22.5.15

This week we have used our imaginations to invent some new mythical rainforest animals. Jilly invented a Boaconslotha and Tillie invented a Leaf Butter Ant. Can you guess which two animals they put together?

Yesterday we went to the Junior School to play maths games. Some of us saw our brothers and sisters. We all had a lovely time and the Junior School children thought we were very polite and clever! Today we have been doing different activities around the school making things for our Carnival Procession. Jack enjoyed making a shaker, Ellis made a brightly coloured hat and Catherine danced to music from the film Rio.

We are all looking forward to Half Term.

Butterflies Class 15.5.15

For our topic work this week in art we have been looking at pictures by Henri Rousseau and have had a go at painting our own rainforest pictures in his style. It has taken us three days to do this because he adds so much detail in layers.

In maths we have been doing missing number patterns, partitioning numbers to help us add several numbers together and learning about money by buying things in a Rainforest shop. For science we went outside on a mini-beast hunt and found earwigs, woodlice, beetles, ants, centipedes and flies.

In literacy we planned and wrote a rainforest adventure story and have been looking at glossaries in rainforest books and making our own glossary, which we have now put on the wall in the classroom to help us with our writing.
Imaad, Tyler, Jilly, Joe, Mollie and Katelyn.

Butterflies Class 8.5.15

In Butterflies class this week we have learnt about the Yanomami tribe who live in the Amazon rainforest. We compared their lives with ours and then we used clay to make a Maloka (a Yanomami house).

In literacy we have been reading two new Anthony Browne books they were called Zoo and Voices in the Park. At the start of the week we discussed whether zoos are good or bad. Jasmine thinks that zoos can be bad because some animals are kept in cages so the animals might be afraid. Madeleine also thinks that zoos could be bad if the zoo keepers do not look after the animals.

In our maths lessons this week we have been learning about fractions. At the beginning of the week we were finding the fractions of shapes and then we started to find the fractions of objects.