Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2014-15

Aspirations week (week beginning 29th June)

We had a week thinking all about what we want to be when we grow up. We went on a trip, went to our new class for the day, had visits from different people and became sports stars for sports day too!

“We went to the Royal Norfolk Show” Laney told us.

“I saw the horses jumping” said Flynn.

“We went in a group and had lunch like a picnic” said Isabella.

“I saw caterpillars” said Brody. He loved going on a caterpillar hunt around the discovery tent. Some of the children planted seeds too!

“We went to see the sheep show” said Luke.

“There was a bike race” said Millie.

“I saw little pigs and cows. I told the man that cows can make cheese and milk” Robyn told us.

“At the Royal Norfolk Show I saw little chicks” Said Layla.

The children had so much fun on the Royal Norfolk Show trip and all saw so many different exciting things.

“We are learning about under the sea” Taylor added.

“A police lady, a fireman, nurses, and doctors came to visit” Said Thomas.

“The teachers danced and dressed up, it was silly” Said Chloe. She was talking about the assembly where the teachers pretended to have different jobs.

“Miss Riddington was dressed up as a space alien” Said Layla, giggling.

“We went into year 1 and Mrs Burt was our new teacher” Said Nell. “and the midwife came to visit.”

It has been such a busy week but the children have been so inspired and loved all of the different things they had to do.

“I want to be a fire girl” Said Kitty.

“I would like to be a police lady” Said Olivia.

“I would like to be an engineer, they travel the world” Said Phoebe.

“I want to be a policeman” Said Zac.

Luke has decided he wants to be a koala because they are cuddly!

Bumblebee Class Week beginning 5/7/15

“We have been doing some writing about under the sea.” Said Jack.

“We have been weighing fruit, vegetables and animals this week.” Said Shayna

“We have read Billy’s Bucket.” Said Ikechi

“We have been looking what weighs the same!” added Emma.

“We have been making an under the sea habitat.” Said Alfie.

“We have the summer fair tonight!” said Dulcie.

“I have enjoyed being child of the day” Imogen

“In the forest area, we created a motorbike that goes across water, from 0 to 90mph in a minute.” Said Rhys.


Bumblebee Blog Week commencing 22.6.15

This week we have been reading Tiddler.

“We were writing lots of things about Tiddler, and we were writing about the different characters.” Said Lois.


“We learnt some new things about sharks. Did you know stingrays are a type of shark.” Said Oliver.

“There is a shark called a hammerhead shark.” Said Ikechi.

“They are like a hammer.” Added Ollie.

“They have pointy eyes on either side of their face that they use to move things out of their way so they can get to their food.” Said Jack.

“There is a shark that walks called the walking shark.” Said Lois

“A whale shark is the biggest fish in the ocean.” Added Imogen


In Maths, we have been looking at subtraction.

“We have been bowling, and we had to knock down some and we took them away from the whole amount. Then we had to work out how many is left.” said Ikechi.

“We have been writing taking away number sentences.” said Oliver

“I used pine cones to help me to take away.” Said Ralf.


“I have been playing in the new mud kitchen with Maisie.” Said Sophia

“I have been making mud cakes with Ikechi and Shayna.” Added Cady.

Bumble Bees Week beginning 14.06.15

This week we read the story ‘The Fish Who Could Wish’.

“We wrote our own wishes.” said Shayna.

“I wished for a racing motorbike.” said Rhys.

We also watched a clip looking at animals under the sea.

“We wrote our own facts.” said Imogen.

“I didn’t know that some sting rays have really long tails.” said Lois.

This week in Maths we have been looking at money.

“We have been learning how much each coin is.” said Imogen.

“We have been sorting the coins.” said Sophia.

“We have been putting the coins in order.” said Tilly.

“We have been looking at how much things cost.” said Dulcie.

“We played a shop game and I bought a magic pen that came to life.” said Ryhs.

Yesterday, we were very lucky to have a lady come in from the Children’s book club to read us stories.

“There was a magic book with lots of spots and it told us to do different things and on the next page it did what it said. We clapped our hands and lots of spots appeared on the next page. It was magic.” Said Macie.

“She read a pop up book to us which had lots of animals in.” said Rebecca.

“I went on gold this week with Sophia and Chloe because we were great at tidying up.” Said Shayla

“My group in PE went on silver for great teamwork!” said Imogen.

It was Miss Riddington’s and Jack’s birthday this week and they brought a cake in for us all to share!

Bumblebee Class blog w/c 8/6/15

“We read ‘Under the Sea’” Shayna

“We read ‘Sharing the shell’” Tilly

“I have done some writing outside. I wrote a book.” Ikechi

“We have a new painting easel and on the other side you can do some writing.” Lois

“We have been painting with our feet using different colours. We made different patterns.” Alex

“I’ve been making things in the workshop.” Alfie

“I did sports for Golden Time.” Oscar

“We have been playing with the frisby outside and it got stuck in the tree!” Imogen

“We played team games in PE” Grace

“We made our own game.” Emma

Bumblebees – Summer 2 – Week 1

“We have a new topic, The Sea.” Tilly

“We discussed what we wanted to find out.” Oliver

“We have some new class fish!” Shayna

“They are called Betty and Fred.” Ikechi

“We have a new ice cream van roleplay area.” Alfie

“We have a new creative trolley that we can use to make things.” Lois

“We read The Rainbow Fish.” William

“We did dough disco.” Imogen

“We have a new dressing up box outside with swimming stuff inside.” Macie

“We put our heads under the water pretending to go diving. We put a snorkel on.” Jack

“I made a spaceship with our new blocks outside.” Alex

“I made a boat and tested it in the water to see if it would float.” Emma

Week 6 – Bumble Bee Class

“This week we have been reading non-fiction books on insects. We learnt ladybirds can be different colours, brown with white spots.” Shayna

“We watched a clip on snails and found out they have lots of teeth!” Alfie

“Today we had a bug ball.” Jack

“Our cocoons turned into butterflies and we let them free!” Rebecca

“When the butterflies flew away, we all made wishes.” Rhys

“We invented our own version of duck duck goose and instead called it spider spider bee!” Macie.

Bumble Bee Class – Week 5

“We read the story ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’” Alex

“A cocoon appeared on the tree. The next day it turned into a butterfly.” Dulcie

“We told the cocoon healthy foods to eat.” Rebecca

“We wrote thank you letters to the butterfly for the fruit.” Rhys

“We made a giant caterpillar number line which goes to 61!” Oliver

“Our caterpillars have turned into cocoons!” Shayna

“We wrote invitations, inviting our friends to the bug ball.” Iketchi

“I played with bubbles.” Shayla

“I played the hungry caterpillar game.” Alfie

Bumble Bee Class – Summer 1 Week 4

“We have been reading What the Ladybird heard story.” Cady

“We have been writing wanted posters for the robbers in the What the Ladybird heard story.” Ollie

“We have been trying to trap the robbers.” Ikechi

“We decided to make cameras to catch the robbers.” Alfie

“We wrote letters to the robbers.” Sophia

“We have been doubling in Maths.” Oliver

“We have been painting bumble bees and ladybirds on paper plates.” Dulcie

“We have been building a train to go to the beach.” Rhys

“We’ve been playing on the climbing frame.” Ralf

“We have been playing football outside.” Jack

“I have been playing in the sand.” Khadijah

“We did dough disco.” Freddie

“We have been playing team games.” Finley

“We were making bugs out of clay.” Alex

“I bought my Giant African Land Snails in to share with the class.” Imogen