Class 1 – Dragonflies 2013-14

Dragonflies Class Blog 18th July 2014

We have had a very busy couple of weeks in Dragonflies class, preparing for our move to Year 1 and enjoying our last topic – The Seaside.

Isla-Mae particularly liked “making ice-creams with Mrs Lemmon. We used a triangular shape for the cone and some little round circles for the ice-cream”.

William and Ethan loved splashing around in the paddling pool to cool down on a really hot day.

Poppy’s favourite activity was, “Doing the actions for the pirate song with Mrs Burt”.

At the beginning of the week we were very busy getting our school garden ready for the Anglia in Bloom judges. Abi, Ellie, Lennon, Oliver N, Will, Louie, Lilly, George, Srivatsa and Oscar B persevered and worked really hard to make sure the job was done. Indeed they either moved to silver or gold for their superb efforts.


We will be eating the potatoes, broad beans and lettuce for our morning snack next week.


On Friday we had to be very grown up and use the Year 2 classroom for the day. All the Dragonflies worked extremely hard with everyone writing their own postcard. This was Rinoa’s favourite activity of the week, especially “drawing a stamp and kisses and love hearts”.


Florence wrote “To Mrs Hindmarsh, I am in Egypt. I am having fun. Love from Florence xxx”.


Max loved having our snack outdoors and we have decided to carry on doing this next week if the weather is good.

And of course everyone loved our seaside Fish and Chip picnic, finished off with an ice-cream.

Dragonflies Class Blog – 27.6.13

This week we started our new Jungle topic. Oliver N enjoyed dressing up as a giraffe.


Poppy particularly enjoyed singing and dancing along to “The Animal Boogie”. Her favourite move was the snake slithering.

Oliver Mc loved pretending to have a barbeque with Alfie C, Lilly and Oliver.


William had a picnic with George outdoors.


We have also been painting our canvas portraits ready to sell at the Summer Fair. Thank you to all the parents who have been in to help.

Unfortunately our sports day was rained off because of thunderstorms. But Max enjoyed practising and getting in his teams. We all liked having a barbeque or picnic lunch indoors.

Reception Self-Portraits

Over the next two weeks Reception pupils will be painting self-portraits on canvases to sell at the Summer Fair. We would like to invite Parents/Grandparents in to school to help their child paint their portrait. Please sign up on the rota in Reception Cloakroom if you are able to come. If you can’t please let us know and we will make sure we include your child in an adult-led session.


Dragonflies Class Blog – 20.6.14

This is the last week of our Space topic in Reception and we have been thinking about the Solar System and the atmosphere in space. In our Numeracy we have been learning to add two numbers together by adding hot and cold planets. Florence remembered that Mercury is a very hot planet because it is close to the sun and Max remembered Jupiter was a cold planet as it is far away. Oscar B explained to the rest of the Dragonflies why the Earth is sometimes hot and cold. “When Earth is near the sun it is summer and it’s cold when we are nowhere near the sun”. Srivatsa found out that our galaxy is called the Milky Way, and Kara and Oliver M correctly identified that the sun, nine planets and the stars are all part of the Solar System. Jayden also added that “There is no gravity in space”. Wouldn’t it be funny to float around all the time?!

After completing their homework research questions, the Dragonflies found out lots more facts this week! Oliver N found out that, “The moon shines because it is the sun’s reflection on it” and Oliver M now knows that “When it’s night time, the sun is out in New Zealand”.

We have been quite creative this week in the Dragonflies class and most of us have made some split-pin astronauts with our own faces in the helmets! Ellie, Lilly and Sophia have also found a way of drawing some very realistic shooting stars. They used chalks to do this and smudged their star drawings to make them look like they were shooting through space.

The children who made it to silver this week were Ethan, for his spaceship design; David and Jayden for their excellent teamwork in Daily Maths and Lennon for his free writing where he listed all the hot and cold planets. Many children were put on Silver by Miss Davenport too for their hard work in phonics, so well done Alfie G, Lilly, Jayden, Lennon and Isla-Mae.

Our ‘Golden Boy’ this week was Louie! He chose to write a story about an alien that he met in a swimming pool all by himself. It was so nice to see him really determined and motivated about writing. He even showed his work to the whole school in sharing assembly.


We will be painting self-portraits on canvases to sell at the Summer Fair. We will be inviting parents/grandparents in to school to help their child paint their portrait.

Please sign up on the rota in Reception if you are able to come.

Dragonflies Class Blog – 13.06.14

During the second week of our space topic, the Dragonflies have been taking part in some spaceship role-play with Mrs Lemmon. They went on a spaceship adventure and had all sorts of problems and experiences! Kara said her group’s spaceship, “Ran out of gas” and so Srivatsa had to call the space repair man. The Toy Story group met lots of hungry aliens and Lennon decided to order a takeaway for them all – “I’d like 400 KFCs and 405 milkshakes please!” Oscar J told the class proudly “I can count down back for a rocket” and showed us all how he is able to count back from 5.

Many of the dragonflies have enjoyed playing outside in the lovely weather. We have even held our own space races using the space hoppers. George told us how to make the space hoppers go faster – “You have to push off hard, with both of your legs”.

We have also come up with our own questions about things that we would like to know about space. Lola’s question was “How do the planets move?” which we thought about together. Rinoa said, “They spin around in circles”, and Poppy added that “You can’t feel the planets moving because they are so big”. Ethan and Isla-Mae were thinking about where stars come from. Ethan knew that they “Come out at night when they are light in the dark”, and Isla-Mae said she thought the stars were “Still there in the daytime but we just can’t see them”.

The Dragonflies learnt some more about astronauts this week as well. Jayden remembered that in the rocket “The astronauts don’t have a bed because they float”. Ralph added “They tie themselves to the wall inside the rocket when they go to sleep”.

Dragonflies class know the names of some of the planets in our solar system and it has been nice to see lots of the children trying to write and draw them all. Kara and Alice both went on silver for this today as they did some free writing naming the planets. Lola could name Earth, Jupiter and Saturn while Alfie C remembered Venus and Oliver N remembered Mercury.

William and Jayden both moved to silver for their hard work in phonics this week. George, Oliver N, Sophia, Alice, Lola, Oscar J, Lilly, Wesley and Ralph all moved onto silver for their super improvement in reading. Lennon was the ‘Golden Boy’ this week and worked his way to gold for reasons including hard work in literacy and numeracy and playing so nicely with Ellie at dinner time!

Dragonflies Class Blog 6th June 2014

We started the new half term with a bang this week when we held our Minibeast Ball and Picnic on Monday. All the Dragonflies looked super in their minibeast costumes including buzzing bees, ladybirds, caterpillars, beautiful butterflies and some very scary spiders! Everybody had fun playing bug party games and taking part in the special activities.

image001The Dragonflies then started their new topic on Space. On Tuesday morning we had a little debate over whether we think aliens are real or not. Oliver M thinks that, “They are real because they can breathe in space”. But Florence said, “Aliens are extinct like the dinosaurs!”

image003Later on in the week, many of the Dragonflies helped Mrs Lemmon to make a giant alien picture in the outside area showing some super teamwork!

We have also had rockets and space ships being built (both big and small) from all sorts of materials. Lennon particularly enjoyed this and said it was his favourite thing he has done this week. A whole crowd of the Dragonflies class helped Mrs Bryce to make a huge cardboard rocket, while Alfie G, Ellie and William built another from the waffle blocks with Miss Hall.

image005All sorts of facts about Space have been discovered by the dragonflies. Srivatsa found out that, “Stars can live for 1 billion years”. Kara learnt that “Jupiter has 28 moons”, and Max was excited to think that “Astronauts can really go into space”.

There have been lots of children from our class moving onto Silver. All of the Monster Inc. Literacy group moved up for their ‘Whatever Next’ storyboards, so well done to Louie, Sophia, George, William, Alfie C and Oliver N!

Poppy, Alice, Ethan and Ellie earned a silver sticker for this too – they were so careful and took their time with their writing. Misha and Florence were given a silver sticker for their free writing and reflection on their learning this morning.

Topic Web Summer Term 2014

Dragonflies Class Blog 23rd May 2014

The Dragonflies have been carrying on with their Minibeasts topic this week. We have been doing some special ‘best writing’ about different minibeasts. Lots of children wrote some super sentences and words to describe them. Lennon said ‘I liked doing the writing about a fly’.

In our maths work we have been using minibeasts to help us too. Srivatsa said he enjoyed ‘doing the maths in the Forest Area, adding on the minibeasts legs’.

We have also looked at pictograms and tally charts to record all the fruits that The Very Hungry Caterpillar ate. Alfie G, Lilly, Srivatsa and Kara all had a go at their own tally charts to record everyone’s favourite minibeasts. ‘The butterfly is the winner’, Lilly found out!


We have enjoyed finding out some facts about all the different minibeasts. Oliver N remembered that ‘butterflies are camouflaged with their beautiful patterns’. Kara said ‘I liked looking at the minibeast books with Miss Hall’ in guided reading. Can you remember what else we found out?

The Dragonflies have still been hunting for bugs in the garden area. Florence said she enjoyed ‘catching the bugs’ with the bug huts. Wesley learnt a new skill this week – ‘using a pooter’! Perhaps you could ask your child what a pooter is used for?

Srivatsa moved up to gold for his hard work all half term and singing beautifully in assembly – he helped Mrs Hindmarsh remember the words.
The children who moved up to silver this week included Oliver N, George and Louie for trying extra hard in their special writing, Oscar B and Alfie C too for good manners at lunch. Lennon, Alfie C (again!), Alfie G, Isla-Mae and Ellie moved to silver for their hard work in maths.

Finally, the Dragonflies earned themselves a special half term treat on Friday afternoon for super behaviour and filling the jar with cubes. We watched Frozen, with popcorn of course!


Dragonflies Class Blog 16th May 2014

This week we have started our Minibeasts topic. The children were very excited to find lots of inflatable minibeasts hanging in the classroom. We decided to make them move in interesting ways. Ask your child how?

We have all been outdoors hunting for minibeasts using pooters, nets and magnifying glasses. We found that lots of interesting minibeasts, such as beetles like to live underneath rocks and logs.   Oliver N thinks this is because “they like dark places”. We had to describe our minibeasts to each other using forest phones. Alice said that her woodlouse “is an oval shape”.

We also wrote about what we had found. Srivatsa wrote about a slug. “The slug tucks in its antennae to protect them”. We all had our favourite minibeasts. Alfie C said “I like the way spiders walk on their web and catch flies in it”.

David, Alice and Isla-Mae decided to build their own house for a ladybird. They used rocks, leaves and twigs and wrote their own label.


We have continued to care for our garden. We dug the last weeds out of the beds and moved them to the compost heap. We have nearly finished planting seeds and young plants and now we need to remember to water them.


With the good weather we decided to get out our new den building kits.


The children were very keen to build the dens themselves and Louie, Ralph and Will enjoyed relaxing in the tent after all their hard work.


In maths we looked closely at ladybirds’ bodies and explored their symmetry using mirrors. We also used ladybirds to double and both Miss Hall and Mrs Hindmarsh were very impressed with how quickly all the children picked up doubling. Lennon, Lilly, Alfie G and George enjoyed using their counting noses to find doubles.

And finally a big well done to all the Dragonflies children who moved onto the silver and gold learning zones this week.

Lola was the first child in the whole school to move to the gold zone for her writing and dance work.

Children who moved to the silver zone included: David for reading almost all words in his new reading book on sight; Oscar J for a super drawing and labelling of a millipede; Oliver Mc for doing lots of his own research at home into minibeasts; Lennon for speedy doubling work; Ralph for choosing to do some extra work for our minibeast display; and Isla-Mae for choosing to do lots of writing and labelling of minibeasts.