Hedgehogs Blog 30.4.21

“I enjoyed playing in the forest and climbing the sticks.” Jessica

“I enjoyed playing lego with James.” Chris

“I enjoyed pushing Mabel in the hammock.” Laura

“I liked playing Reggie.” Daniel

“I enjoyed making numbers 1-36 with numicon.” Lenny

“I enjoyed playing in the forest.” Mabel

“I enjoyed making my own coat of arms.” Isaac

“I enjoyed everything.” Lily  T

“I enjoyed writing instructions on how to teach your dragon to breathe.” Tilly

“I enjoyed playing with the lego. I made a swimming pool.” Lottie

“I enjoyed doing extra maths challenges.” Willow

“I enjoyed labelling the armour.” Darcie-Mai

“I enjoyed doing extra maths!” Lewis

“I like counting in 5s.” Matilda

“I like counting in 10s.” Isla

“I enjoyed doing the Captain Tom challenge” Amelia