Otter’s Blog 20-27.11.20

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I liked drinking hot chocolate in the forest area. It made me feel warm. (Dylan.)

I liked making the snowman and Christmas trees in forest school. (Beau)

I really enjoyed making a moving picture. I did some good colouring too. (Finley)

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I liked learning how to find fractions in maths. (Freddie)

I liked learning how to make a shelter using different materials and then testing to see how strong they were. (Lillia)

I liked swinging in the hammock (Sophia)

I learnt and enjoyed sawing to cut a disk. (Broden)

I enjoyed making a cat toy in forest time.(Thomas)

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I liked writing instructions in English and following instructions to make a paper plane. (Isaac)

I liked using a War time recipe to make trifle cake. (India)

I liked learning how to add tens and ones to add two 2 digit numbers together. (Evie)

I enjoyed drawing a picture using 2D shapes. (Mollie)