Fox Cubs

Fox Cubs Blog 6.11.2020

What a fantastic week we have had after our half term break!

On Monday we had our first school photos taken by a photographer, we looked very smart!

Our topic this term is ‘Why do Squirrels Hide their Nuts?’ It is all about Autumn and the seasonal changes we see in our environment and the effect it has on nature. In the story two squirrels are arguing over the last pine nuts of the season, at the end of the story they realised it was better to work together.

We talked about what makes a good friend during circle time.

Something exciting happened this week! We noticed a trail of glitter from our quiet room door and it led us to a bright blue bag! We discovered it belonged to the Phonics Fairy and she had delivered our first sound, it was the ‘s’ sound and a book called ‘My Pet Snake’. The Phonics Fairy taught us how to make the pure sound and how to write it!

In Maths we have been learning about the number 1 and the different ways 1 can be represented. We have been looking for the number 1 in our environment.

We also looked at ‘Anno’s Counting Book.’