Otters Blog 16.10.20

We have been learning about Edith Cavell, who was a nurse in the war. She helped soldier not just on her team but on every team. (Tayler)

In the forest school, we toasted marshmallows, we made a special stick to toast them so that we didn’t get burnt. (Freddie) I liked making the fairy pegs. (Isaac) I liked making a broomstick. (Luella) I enjoyed making my cutting sword tool. (Broden)

In English we learnt about non-fiction books and how to write facts. We learnt lots about wolves and organised information under sub-headings. (Lillia)

I have liked spending time with my teachers. (Ellamea)

In maths we have been counting down. We had to count down from 100 and work out which number came next. (Rowan)

In art, we sketched wolves and used HB, 2B and 4B pencils to add texture and shading. (Elsa) These pictures have been added to our display board.

We have been learning our capital letters. We had to match capitals to lower case letters on a train. I enjoyed this. (Mollie)

I enjoyed number bonds using what we know about number bonds to 10 to help us know number bonds to 100. (Beau)

I liked writing sentences using because..(Sophia)

I enjoyed it when a lady came and took pictures of us running around the track. We run every morning around the track. (Matthew)