Otters Class Blog 10.1.20

We have come back after a very enjoyable Christmas holiday to find out that our new topic this term is “Changing Landscapes” This will be very much focussed on geography and science. 

This week we designed, drew and coloured in topic book covers, showing different landscapes. (Isabella)

We have been using new handwriting books and trying very hard to form and join our letters properly and neatly. I enjoyed my handwriting lesson. (Lacey T)

In maths, I liked using the bar method to help me divide. (Charlie)

I enjoyed our PE lesson where we had to create dance movements and sequences pretending to be waves in the ocean. (Thalia)

I liked learning about what a settlement is. It is a place where people live and work and there are buildings and facilities there. (George)

We have found out what the difference is between a city, town, village and hamlet. A city is the largest and a hamlet is the smallest settlement.(Harry)

I liked writing instructions for how to collect and put our coats on. (Lacie D)

I liked following the instructions for putting our coats on. (Madeline)

In PSHE we had to work together as a team. (George)

Today we will be looking at our science investigation to observe what has happened to different materials left in salty water. We will then record our findings and discuss how ocean waves can impact on how materials degrade. (Mrs Buckley)