Hedgehog Class Blog 24.1.20

“I enjoyed putting the planets in order.” Ryan

“I enjoyed putting the toilet paper down, across the playground creating a loo roll solar system!” Evie

 “I enjoyed the loo roll solar system seeing how far the planets are away from each other.” Elsa

“I liked rolling the toilet roll along the floor. The planets are not close together.” Isaac

 “I enjoyed playing in the hammock.” Evie

“I enjoyed eating toast around the fire.” Phoebe

“I enjoyed swinging on the tyre in the forest area.” Beau

“I enjoyed making patterns on leaves.” Sophia

 “I have enjoyed digging.” Dylan

“I enjoyed going in the forest area and looking through the binoculars.” Ellamea

 “I enjoyed doing my writing.” Gracie

“I enjoyed doing my maths.” Thomas