Hedgehog Class Blog 10.1.20

“I’ve enjoyed counting to 20.” India

“I have enjoyed using the part part whole model in Maths.” Eleanor

 “I liked partitioning tens and ones in the part part whole model.” Gracie

  “I enjoyed listening to our morning stories.” Lincoln

“I liked learning about our new topic, Space.” Broden

“I enjoyed being curious, asking questions about our new topic, Space.” Freddie

“I have enjoyed learning about different planets.” Taylor

“I liked learning about the space station (ISS)” Braidie

“I liked learning about Space and looking at what astronauts do.” Beau

 “I enjoyed writing my Christmas holiday news.” Evie

“I liked writing about a setting. I wrote about a jungle.” Rowan

“I enjoyed outdoor learning, finding the shapes in the forest and around the field.” Logan

 “I liked celebrating Miss Brice’s birthday and sharing her cake with her!” Ellamea