Red Squirrels Class Blog 22.11.19

“We have had a really busy week practising for our class assembly on Friday. I am so proud of all of the children, they have worked so hard and I cannot wait to show the rest of the school our fantastic assembly.”

Mrs Angell

“I have liked doing the class play.” Arthur

“We have been practising our class assembly.” Kevin

“I like flying the spitfires and the dance in our play.” Isaac

“I enjoyed putting the vests in the suitcase for the evacuee in our class assembly.” Bella

“I like when we show our poppy pictures.” Toby

“I like putting the food in the basket and saying cheese!” Eli

“I have four lines in the play.” Maddie

“I enjoyed singing the war time song.” Farrah

“I can’t wait until the assembly.” Holly

“I like being Betty’s Mum in our assembly.” Ella

“I like dancing to the war time song in our assembly.” Logan

“I loved it when we dance.” Jenson

“I like dancing to the war time music too.” Chloe

“I have really enjoyed learning about World War II.” Kiean

“I really, really enjoyed English this week.” Henry

“Today we have been doing some measurements in maths.” Ava

“I have enjoyed maths.” Savanna

“I have liked doing some measurements as well.” Poppy