Otters Blog 22/11/2019

Dexter – I loved learning about Anderson Shelters.

Frankie – I enjoyed swimming.

Evie – I enjoyed making poppies for remembrance with Mrs Child.

Lacie – I enjoyed Maths. I liked showing the working out when we add 10’s together.

Isla – I liked learning the times tables. I am good at 10’s.

Prim – I enjoyed when we had to take out the ‘o’ in our spellings and learnt a rhyme.

Alfie – I liked watching the film of tanks and ww2 aeroplanes.

Lacey –

George – I enjoyed measuring with rulers. I liked drawing the lines longer and shorter. In Centimetres.

Lily-Rose – It was fun to write thank you letters to the people who showed us around last week on our trip.