Otter’s Blog 15.11.19

This week we have been practising our times tables and trying to answer sums quickly. Also, we have been using rulers to measure lengths of objects and lines.  We have practised measuring in cm. Today we measured parts of a Pudsey Bear and then put them together. (Frankie and Harry)

On Wednesday we went on a fantastic school trip learning about World War Two.  (Reggie) Ella T favourite part was going underground to see the Air Raid Shelter. We had to listen to noisy planes and sirens. Madeline enjoyed learning  about  being evacuated and finding out what children packed in their suitcase. Harley liked listening to the man talking to us about being a child living in World War Two. We were given a peg and lolly pop stick to make a plane.Evie liked hearing the siren when the ARP Warden showed us. We also made potato truffles. They didn’t taste very nice to most of us but Harry and Lacie D did like them. We then wrote recounts of our school trip.

On Friday we celebrated Children in Need. Reggie liked playing the games on the playground and searching for Pudsey Bears. Our class decorated a cake to look like Pudsey Bear. We also went swimming. Our teachers were very impressed by how our swimming has improved. Our Golden Learners are Alfie and Henry.