Hedgehog Class Blog 22.11.19

“I’ve enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London. It started in a bakery!” Isaac
“I drew the Great Fire of London. I drew big flames.” Broden
“I enjoyed making  a tudor house which looked like a house from the fire of London.” Ellamea
 “I liked singing London’s burning.” Braidie
“We split into two groups and sang at different times.” Ryan
“I used a drum with a stick to play while singing London’s burning.” Harry
“We also used bells.” Evie
 “I enjoyed writing a fairy story in challenge time.” Evie
“I enjoyed writing a story about the old town road.” Ryan
“I enjoyed how to write verbs in the past tense by adding –ed.” Sophia
“I have enjoyed challenging myself doing extra maths during challenge time.” Gracie 
“I enjoyed adding in challenge time.” Beau
“I enjoyed learning outside the classroom.” Mollie
“In outdoor learning we have been looking at shapes. We used our bodies to make the shapes.” Evie”