Otter’s Blog Our First Week complete!

We have enjoyed our first PE lesson in Year 2.  Evie liked it when we played a game where we had to race against our partner to see who could get back to our place in the line first. 

Lacey liked it when we played a maths game. We had to roll a die to draw out an otter. For example, when we rolled a 4 we had to draw a tail.

Isla enjoyed sorting pictures of heroes and villains. We had to think about why they were a hero or villain.

Charlie liked learning about how to become a student council officer. Today we have been given nomination forms to complete. Voting for officers will take place next week.

Prim liked painting ourselves using the watercolour paints. For our skin tone we had to colour mix too.

Thalia enjoyed making our own talent paper chain. We then joined all of our chains together to make one long class chain. It showed that Otter’s Class have many talents. These include: being brave, good at reading, being kind, a good friend, good at maths and sports.

Lacie enjoyed decorating our front covers for our topic books. We stuck pictures of heroes and villains onto the cover. 

Next week, we will begin to learn all about these fictional and real life heroes and villains.