Otter’s Blog 8.3.19

On Monday we learned in Guided Reading, all about oceans. (Lola) In English we read a new story called Mr Big. We now have a story map and actions to help us remember the story.  We had to write about Mr Big and write a character description.  Today we tried to innovate the story and think about other places Mr Big would go on his journey.

Ralphie wrote “ First, he crawled and he crawled and he crawled through a dark, gloomy cave.”

On Tuesday, we celebrated Pancake Day. We talked and discussed good hygiene and how to add healthy fillings to pancakes. We were allowed one treat on our pancake too.  Olivia added bananas, strawberries and grapes.  Lennon added bananas, strawberries and chocolate spread.  Charlie-Roy added bananas, strawberries, golden syrup and some grapes.

We have also celebrated Maths Day, where we took part in maths activities all morning. We practised rotation and co-ordinates.(Dylan)

On Thursday it was World Book Day.  Everyone brought in a favourite book. We shared our books with the other Year 2 Class. We painted a picture of our favourite character and wrote a book review.  We took part in a quiz where we had to guess the story.(Lola, Ralphie, Olivia)

In topic lessons, we finished our Van Gogh style paintings by adding black pieces of paper to make silhouettes.  Come and have a look at these in the Year 2 corridor. Our teachers were very impressed with our work.  (Elsie, Olivia)

We have also found out how astronauts live in space.  We watched videos to show how they eat, drink, clean their teeth, wash their hair and go to the toilet. (Hope M)