Red Squirrel Blog 1.2.19

I liked it when Miss Firth came back from New Zealand on Wednesday – Aimee May.

I enjoyed doing bikability – Emma

I really missed Miss Firth and I was happy to see her – Sophia.

I liked doing my story map – George.

I liked doing maths, subtracting tens and ones, using a number line – Chloe, William and Elise.

I enjoyed making the clay aliens – Neidas, Harry, Wes and Caleb W.

I enjoyed doing my home learning, I made an alien taxi! – Mabel.

I liked describing the setting picture – Reece.

I liked it when Ebony came back from being poorly – Henry.

I’ve enjoyed looking at verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, similes and prepositions – Joe.

We enjoyed talking about our aspirations with Mrs Child – whole class.

In science, we made alien pants out of different materials and tested them in water to see how the materials reacted.