Red Squirrel Class Blog 25.01.19

I enjoyed writing one paragraph for why aliens make the best pets – Eshal

I liked writing a story about aliens – Sophia

I liked doing my maths – Caleb C.

I liked guided reading – Joe

I liked naming the 5 oceans – Tommy

I liked Maths and I liked the teachers – Emma

I liked being videoed because I got a gold and silver for it – Eshal

I liked writing – Caleb C.

I liked writing a persuasion text – Tommy

I liked writing to persuade someone to get a dog – Reece

I enjoyed doing the Pass the Parcel – Samuel

I enjoyed painting our spaceships – Elise

I liked learning about which meat comes from which animal in Funtrition – Wes

I liked looking at the food packets and writing down how much protein was in each food – William

I enjoyed finding fractions of numbers – Jenson

I enjoyed writing in English – Mabel

I have enjoyed everything this week – Neidas