Owls 2017-18

Owls Class blog 29.06.18

‘This week we went to the Royal Norfolk Show.’ Caleb W

‘I liked going in the combine harvesters and tractors.’ Samuel
‘I liked watching the dogs trying to round up the ducks.’ George
‘I liked the dog and duck race.’ Emma

‘My group had a go at making a flag. My flag was a football flag.’ Tommy
‘We had some sand and some water. We had a tin and put some sand in it and a little bit of water. We moved the tin around to find some gold.’ Henry
‘I liked watching the pig racing.’ Neidas/Cherri-Rose

‘We painted a piggy bank.’ Jude/Harry
‘I liked spending time with my friends and my mummy at the Royal Norfolk Show.’ Mabel
‘I liked collecting stickers.’ Seth
‘I really loved the horse jumping in the Grand Ring.’ William
‘I liked stroking the ponies from the rescue centre.’ Aimee-May
‘I liked painting the fake nails.’ Jenson

‘I liked watching the parachutes. They were blue, red and white.’ Joe/Caleb C
‘I liked being out of school with my friends.’ Leila

‘I liked watching the ferrets.’ Jessica

‘I liked finding bubbles hidden in the sand that had messages written in them. Samuel and I had a gold star in ours which meant we won a prize.’ Eshal
‘I liked doing some maths at the show. We had a card with turtles on and we had to add them up.’ Ebony
‘We saw a big dinosaur.’ Dexter
‘I liked seeing the dinosaur named Dippy.‘ Wesley

‘We did some writing about the Royal Norfolk Show.’ Elise

Back in school we have also enjoyed telling the time (Sophia) and pond dipping with Mrs Martin (Chloe)