Otters Class Blog 13.7.18

This week we have been busy practising our leavers’ songs and poems ready for our Leavers Service next week, and for the Summer Fair (Eden H.) We have been learning and practising hour to speak coherently and clearly in front of an audience (Ben C. and Riley.)

We have written fond memories of our time at South Wootton Infant School (Lucie.) These have included funny and enjoyable times. In maths we have learnt knew vocabulary to help us when giving directions. We practised guiding a partner using these (Albie.)

In topic we learnt new geography words and how to recognise physical features in a landscape (Harry.) We drew a picture and labelled valleys, lakes, hills, mountains, oceans, streams and rivers (Mehdi.)

In science we learnt about different body parts and how our senses help us. We thought about which is the most important body part. Some of us thought the brain is the most important because it controls everything and helps us remember (Lucie.)

Some of us then thought our nose was the most important because it helps us to breathe and smell (Esme.) Some people thought ears were most important, if your ears don’t work you can’t listen for dangerous or exciting noises or listen to peoples voices.

In PE we have practised running races for sports day and raced competitively.