Owls 2017-18

Owls Class Blog 07.06.18

‘We are now learning about Farms.’ William

‘I liked listening to a story yesterday. It was called, ‘Old MacDonald heard a parp!’ It taught us how to make rude noises and was very funny.’ Tommy

‘We have been writing a poem called ‘Recipe for a Pig’ because we read a poem called, ‘Recipe for a Wolf.’ Joe

‘Our idea was ‘the pink blossom on a tree’ for the pig’s coat.’ Eshal/Sophia

‘My favourite part of the poem was ‘Mum’s pink lipstick.’ Elise

‘We had to think about describing a pig’s tail in different ways. It could be like ‘the loop the loop of a roller coaster.’ I described a pigs coat as ‘the prickliness of a coconut shell.’ Samuel

‘We have been working on some adding up and taking away. We have been working out the missing number.’ Elise

‘We have had to put the numbers in the box.’ Wesley

‘We have been filling in number sentences with the add or take away sign.’ Seth

‘We know that if the answer is a higher number than we start with we need an add sign, if the number is smaller then it is take away.’ Cherri-Rose