Otters Class Blog – 22.6.18

We learnt what jobs need doing on a farm during the 4 different seasons. (Lucie)  In spring they plant seeds. (Esme)

Today we did science and we learnt how best to grow a plant.  We watched a video clip which told us seeds need water, light, the right temperatures, time and air to grow well.  We have sewn cress seeds and hope they will grow into cress. (Fin, Mehdi, Charlie O.)  We will be busy watering them to help them grow.

In maths we practised measuring capacity.  We worked in partners to help measure how many millilitres (ml) were in a container.  Thankfully there weren’t too many spillages! (Isaac)

In music we used instruments again to make our mini beast music and we have finished writing it now.  We are now officially composers! (Amber)

In english and topic we learnt the story of how milk comes from a cow and gets to the shops.  We wrote sentences and drew pictures to explain how this happens. (Lilly-Mai).  This is called an explanation text.