Rabbit Class Blog 11.5.18

“I enjoyed playing tri-golf in PE!” said Lacey.

“It’s a game where you try and get the most points!” said Isaac.

“I’ve enjoyed learning about minibeasts.” Said Logan.

“I enjoyed making a minibeast with junk modelling.” Said Chidubem.

“I made a junk model spider called Mr Skinny legs” said Maddie.

“I enjoyed doing the minibeast hunt!” said Zach.

“I enjoyed making a minibeast house.” Said Thalia

“I’ve enjoyed learning new words, like said” said Regan.

“I enjoyed watching Hansel and Gretal.” Said Blake.

“I enjoyed reading jack and the Jelly beanstalk. I made lots of jelly beans out of playdoh.” Said Henry.

“I liked innovating the Jack and the beanstalk story map.” Said Prim.