Owls 2017-18

Owls Class blog 25.05.18

‘We have been writing our own stories. They were ‘defeating the monster’ stories.’ Wesley

‘We had to be a character in the story and use the word ‘I’.’ William

E wrote a fantastic story and was awarded GOLD

‘We made our own models of a mini-beast, using clay.’ Caleb W/Finley   ‘We used pipe cleaners for legs.’ Cherri-Rose

‘We needed to plan our model before we made it with clay. We had to wait a day for it to dry and then we painted it. Today we wrote some words about it, looking to see if it was the same as our plan.’ Aimee-May/Samuel

‘In Maths we have been taking away.’ Dexter

‘We used partitioning to take away.’ Caleb C

‘When it got to the last one we had to add the numbers to find the answer.’ Eshal

‘We have been doing Road Safety Training with Mrs Chaplin.’ Emma

‘We have to look left and then right like a soldier when we want to cross the road. If there are no cars coming then you can cross.’

‘You need to cross the road with a grown up. Wait until the grown up says you can go.’

‘In a car park you need to look at the lights. If the light is flashing on the left the car is going to turn left. If the light is flashing on the right, the car is going to turn right. If there is smoke from the exhaust pipe the car is going to move.’

‘Don’t walk close to a parked car because the door might open onto you.’

‘Don’t stand behind a car, stand on the pavement.’

‘If you stand behind a car the driver can not see you in their mirror.’

‘When walking on the pavement check people’s driveways to make sure they are not coming out in their car.’

‘Don’t cross the road at a junction because it is very busy.’

‘The safest place to cross is at a crossing. ‘

‘Don’t run across a crossing incase you fall over. If you are on the floor a car won’t be able to see you.’

‘If you see red lights on the back of a car that means it has stopped but you still should not be near it.’

‘Cars must not drive on the kerb.’

‘Cars must not park on the zig-zag lines.’

As you can see we all listened very carefully and now know how to be safe near the road.