Owls 2017-18

Owls Class Blog 18.05.18

‘We drew circle shapes to make a caterpillar. We could pick 2 colours out of red, yellow and blue and we mixed them together to make a new colour to paint our caterpillar.’ Wesley

‘In Maths we have been adding by partitioning numbers. This means splitting a number into 10s and 1s (units).’ Jude

‘We have been practising number bonds.’ Dexter

‘In our groups we have had to write a new version of Superworm.’ Elise

‘We used the main story but it had to be told by Superworm and we had to use the word ‘I’ instead of saying Superworm.’ Jenson

‘With Mrs Kidd we have been making a life cycle of a butterfly. It starts with a little tiny egg on a leaf, then it turns into a caterpillar, then the caterpillar eats a few leaves and it makes a chrysalis. Then it turns into a butterfly.’ Sophia

‘We used pasta, real leaves and sticks to make the life cycle.’ Mabel ‘We stuck these on a paper plate.’ Elise

‘Today I brought in my chicks because some have hatched at home this week and I thought it would be nice to bring them in.’ Henry.