Otters Class Blog – 4.5.18

In English we have been studying Peter Rabbit.  We learnt part of the story as a story map, with actions.  (Amelia) We looked at different pictures from the story and wrote sentences about how Peter Rabbit might be feeling and what was happening.  On Friday we looked at a few scenes from Peter Rabbit and worked in pairs to do some freeze framing.

This week in PE we practised our tennis skills, we threw the balls in the air and caught them, then we had to bounce them with the tennis rackets. (Amelia) We then tried bouncing the balls against the wall followed by hitting the ball as far as we could across the field. (Alyssa)  We finished the lesson with a little game of tennis.

For music we tried making sounds that reminded us of different minibeasts.  We are going to compose our own music and we experimented with different instruments to see which ones suited the minibeasts the best. (Alyssa) We are going to learn how to record our music.

In maths we have been solving lots of different word problems, using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  (Charlie O) We had to read the problem carefully to decide what calculation we need to carry out and to find the important information.

For science we discussed the things around us and whether they are alive, dead or never been alive.  (Charlie O) Can you put these in the right category?  Can you think of other things that fit into each category?