Hedgehogs 2017-18

Hedgehog Class Blog 4.5.18

We have learnt about minibeasts, where they live.  Isaac

In our topic books we have been drawing a picture of a garden and drawing where the minibeasts live.  Emilia.D.

This week we have been doing science about where the minibeasts habitat is.  Liliana

We went outside and in the forest area to find where minibeasts live. We found some under logs. Under the logs we saw woodlouse.  Charlie-Roy


We have been doing maths where you add 10 and 1 on.  Jenson

We counted on a blank number line.  Scott

We have learnt a new story about Superworm.  Ozzy

We pretended to be Wizard Lizard and Superworm and we showed they felt in the story.  Ralphie


Ralphie has been our Child of the Week, he said . . .

“I have enjoyed helping Mrs Angell.”


Mrs Angell said . . .

“You have been very helpful. Thank you Ralphie.”