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Year One Blog 23.03.18

This week we all went on a school trip to Hunstanton Sealife Centre.

‘It was very exciting because we got to see lots of sea animals.’ Aimee-May

‘Our group leader had some pieces of paper and they wrote down facts about all the animals we told them about. My group chose to find out about the otter.’ Charlie-Roy

‘Some of the seals were poorly. They were put in the seal hospital and when they are better they will go back into the sea.’ Samuel.

‘The penguin enclosure was closed. The penguins have gone on holiday!’ Lola

‘I liked seeing the baby sharks.’ Seth

‘I liked seeing the clown fish. They look like Nemo.’ Jenson

‘I liked seeing the baby seals.’ Scott and Asa.

‘One of the baby seals was swimming on his side because he had a poorly flipper.’ Emma

‘I liked going in the tunnels where we could pop our head up and see the different fish. I really liked the one with the crocodile.’ Henry

‘We could see the seals swimming underwater.’ Farrah

‘I liked seeing the baby sting-rays.’ Jude.

We all liked having a play on the pirate ship!!