Red Squirrels: 27.04.18

Lexi believes she was resilient in Maths this week when we were learning about money. At first Lexi found it tricky to count the money and find the amount. However the next day Lexi had another go and was put on silver for her efforts and determination!

We have been curious learners in English this week, we have been finding out facts about mini beasts using non-fiction texts, information sheets, the internet and images.

We have been reflective today because we wrote up or riddles in our best handwriting, we had to edit our work making sure we had used capital letters, full stops and the correct spellings.  (Harry C)

On Thursday we were creative in Art. We have started to create a display board in the style of Mr McGregor’s garden. (Isobel) We used water colour like Beatrix Potter to create our images. (Chloe)

We have been curious learners in Science this week. We found out what different parts of a plant we are able to eat. We found out we can eat the stem, leaves, roots and the fruit. (Lenny)