Rabbit class blog 9.3.18

Last week we had a very exciting week. It snowed! We had lots of fun on Tuesday playing in the snow.

“We had a snow ball fight .” said Chidubem.

“We made our own Winter Olympics!” said Zach.

“I liked going on the sledge.” Said Ella.

On Thursday it was World Book day and we dressed up as our favourite book character.

“I dressed up as Alice in Wonderland.” Said Thalia.

“I dressed up as Fantastic Mr Fox.” Said Logan.

“I like dressing up as Rapunzel.” Said Primrose.

“I liked dressing up as Susan from the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.” Said Maddie.

This week the children have been looking at the letter names, and also a fact file on penguins.

“I liked writing facts about penguins.” Said Zach

“I liked the new face painting area.” Said Elle

“I like singing the ABC song.” Said Ella