Owls 2017-18

Owls Class Blog 23.2.18

This week we thought about how it might feel being an animal in the Arctic or the Antarctic. We carried out an investigation called, ‘The Blubber Glove’ experiment.

‘We put our hand in cold water then we took it out and put it into a rubber glove and then into a bag with fat in it. We then put this hand back in the water.’ Chloe

‘Without the glove the water was really cold. With the glove the water felt warmer.’ Jude

‘This told us how Arctic and Antarctic animals feel in the cold.’ Eshal

‘These animals have fat called blubber that keeps them warm.’ Finley

In Maths we have been taking away numbers.

‘We used numberlines and 100 squares’. Reece

‘We played a game with the 100 square and counters. Mrs Burt called out a number and we had to put one counter on that number. We had to take away 10 and we noticed that our next counter was above our first counter. If it wasn’t, the answer was wrong!’ Samuel.

‘We have been partitioning numbers into 10s and 1s.’ Finley

‘We are now looking at non-fiction books.’ Dexter

‘It might have a contents page.’ William

‘If it doesn’t have a contents page, at the back of the book it might have an index.’ Aimee-May

‘We looked through some non-fiction books with Mrs Chaplin to find different features. If we found them we put a tick in the box, if we didn’t we put a cross.’ Wesley


‘This afternoon we are starting Forest Schools with Miss Riddington, Mrs Martin and Mrs Chaplin.’ Henry

‘Hopefully we will eat marshmallows.’ William

(It looks like you did William!)