Owls 2017-18

Owls Class Blog 16.03.18

‘Wednesday was Science Day and we were investigating poo!’ Ebony

‘This told us what animals eat.’ Tommy

‘If you see meat in the poo the animal might be a carnivore. If you see plants and grass the animal might be a herbivore and if there is both the animal will be an omnivore.’ Samuel

‘With Miss Riddington we went in the Forest Area and investigated making dens that were waterproof. Miss Riddington tipped water onto the den. If we got wet it was not waterproof, if we stayed dry it was waterproof.’ Aimee-May

‘We looked at how to keep Miss Brice’s tea warm.’ Tommy

‘This is called insulation.’ Jenson

‘We tried to keep it warm by putting a lid on the cup.’ Mabel

‘We wrapped the cup in different materials to see which material kept the tea the warmest. Paper kept the tea the warmest.’ Chloe

‘We have been making our own Bee-bot mats so that we can give the Bee-Bot instructions to move to different objects on the mat’. Henry

‘The Bee-bot can move forwards, backwards, right and left.’ Eshal

In Maths we have learnt what this sign means;    X

It means times, groups of, lots of, times tables, multiply. (Wesley, Emma, Harry, Sophia)

‘We drew out ‘plates’ and ‘peas’ to show multiplication.’ Cherri-Rose

We also learnt how to draw them out or show them as an array.

‘In Talk for Writing we have all drawn a text map for our made up animals. My animal is a Crowl. It is half crab and half owl.’ William

‘We can all read our text maps now and use actions ready to write our information text next week.’ Samuel