Otters Class Blog – 16.3.18

In English this week we boxed up some non-fiction writing about made up animals making sure that the information was under the correct sub-heading. (Amber)

In DT (Design and Technology) we designed African masks using lots of different colours and suggestions for what we could make them out of.  The masks were animals, humans or a mixture of the two.  On Thursday we started making our masks using all the different materials that we had used in our designs.

On Wednesday we had an exciting and fun-filled Science Day.  In year Two we examined poo !! (it was fake).  We were looking at the poo to see if we could tell why there were different types of poo.  We looked at meat eaters – Carnivores, plant eaters – Herbivores, and animals that eat meat and plants – Omnivores.  We decided that the animals’ poo that we were looking at were a tiger (carnivore), and elephant (herbivore) and a badger (omnivore).  We also did different experiments in different year groups.  We investigated how our hands felt in different temperature water and how to keep water warm with different materials.  When we went in to the Forest Area we made dens and had to try to make them waterproof.  Mrs Newman poured water over them to test how waterproof they were!

In maths this week we have been learning all about fractions and how to find a fraction of a two digit number by sharing.